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The stars, the designers, the club owners. I make your jobs easier by telling you what to do.
— The Celebinator in ...Blog This!.

The Celebinator is a minor character in The Ballad of Gay Tony.


The Celebinator is an Irish blogger who runs the website, writing about celebrity gossip and reviews of Liberty City's nightclubs. His scathing review of Maisonette 9 irks its owners Tony Prince and Luis Lopez, particularly when he describes Luis as Tony's "rent boy princess". This prompts Luis to respond to The Celebinator's review and offer to meet him to discuss the matter.

Events of The Ballad of Gay Tony

A short time after Luis' comment, The Celebinator agrees to meet Luis and Tony. They take him on a helicopter ride above the Statue of Happiness, where Luis assaults The Celebinator by punching and slapping him before throwing him out of the helicopter. Tony orders Luis to save him, so Luis skydives out of the helicopter and catches The Celebinator before parachuting to land on the Statue of Happiness' grounds. The experience frightens The Celebinator (so much so that he defecated in his pants, the result of which can be seen over the back of his white trousers). This prompts him to write a new review apologising to Tony and praising Maisonette 9 as "the hottest club in the city", followed by a negative review of the Statue of Happiness, describing it as a "cold slab of stone".

Events of Grand Theft Auto Online

He is mentioned by Danny Brown on IFruit Radio, saying that the Celebinator has spoken about the embarrassing photos of Yung Ancestor that had been leaked. This implies that the Celebinator is still popular and well-known as of 2019.

Mission Appearances