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This article (or section) refers to content in the Enhanced version for the PlayStation 4, Xbox One and PC release of Grand Theft Auto Online that may be absent from other versions.
For a complete list of the features of the Enhanced version for the PlayStation 4, Xbox One and PC version of Grand Theft Auto Online, please see here.
This article refers to the Heist finale. For the Heist overview, see The Cayo Perico Heist.

The Cayo Perico Heist finale is a heist mission featured in Grand Theft Auto Online as part of The Cayo Perico Heist update. It is the final mission of The Cayo Perico Heist strand.


The mission focuses on players visiting Cayo Perico after completing all mandatory preparation missions that unlocks the finale, in order to steal their primary target from within El Rubio's Compound. Although the plan for the heist must be designated when beginning it, only the approach method and weapon loadout are locked in. Once the players arrive on the island they have freedom to tackle the heist in a variety of manners, similar to the Aggressive, Stealth, or Big Con approaches of The Diamond Casino Heist. Once the mission begins, the protagonist's main objectives are to enter the compound, reach the basement beneath the office, steal the primary target, escape the compound, and then escape from the island.

When players initiate the heist, they can choose to complete the mission solo, or be joined by up to three other players - the latter option increases the maximum potential payout when seeking out secondary targets. All equipment found during the Gather Intel mission will be marked on the players maps, and any undiscovered items can still be found, allowing every member of the crew to pick up an individual item if required. Players can also secure additional items in the compound that provide access to new opportunities or some of the secondary targets available in the mission. Once the primary target is found, players will face increased difficulty in securing additional loot items, as they will face additional guards and will be sought out by Strickler manning the minigun in his Valkyrie MOD.0 upon leaving the compound, until the crew makes for their opted escape route.

Weapon Wheel access is limited to the chosen loadout, with the additional heavy weapon Supply Drop adding to it. While undiscovered, killed guards may drop ammunition and snacks, but their weapons will not be able to be looted. If the alarm is raised and the guards are using their weapons, their weapons can be looted and will be added to the player's weapon wheel for selection. Up to three additional weapons can also be collected within the compound.

The final payout of the heist is determined by the Primary Target (which increases by 10% on Hard Mode), but on the value of the secondary targets that the crew secured. Secondary loot is dropped if players are shot by guards or have to respawn after being killed (with the exception of the safe cash), and the primary target will be dropped if the player carrying it is killed.

Finale Screen

Here it is. The big screen! You see everything you have discovered on the island so far... all locations, all tools, all entry and exit points, all equipment.
Here you can also hire some reinforcements... air support, sniper support, reconnaissance drone. Once everything is in place, hit the big button, and we go! Alone, with accomplices... this is up to you.
— Pavel's briefing on the planning screen.
Here you can preview the outcome of your scoping and Prep work. Press Start to begin The Cayo Perico Heist alone, or invite other players.

Players access the heist from the planning screen in the Kosatka. The finale is available once the mandatory preparations are completed, but players can opt to continue performing optional set-ups or another intel gathering before initiating the finale.

On the finale screen, the player is required to make selections on the following:

Approach Vehicle

Of course, we must decide our approach. How we will get there?
— Pavel

Lists all vehicles they have secured during the preparation missions, provided they meet the requirements.

vehicle to use to infiltrate through the perimeter of the island

Infiltration Point

How do we get ashore? Which infiltration point will you use?
— Pavel

Which point of entry to the island, may be restricted depending on which approach vehicle was selected, some can be over-ridden once on approach.

  • West Beach (Kosatka only)
  • North Dock
  • Main Dock
  • HALO Jump (Alkonost only)
  • Airstrip (Velum 5-Seater only)
  • North Drop Zone (Annihilator Stealth only)
  • South Drop Zone (Annihilator Stealth only)
  • Drainage Tunnel (Kosatka only) (Heist Prep: Cutting Torch required)

Compound Entry Point

Now, crucial question... how do you get inside the compound? Of course, if you have the right tools along the way, you have more options.
— Pavel

Available entry points at the start - can be changed on the fly when additional equipment is collected on the island.

Escape Point

Now, as long as you are alive, how will you leave? Which escape route?
— Pavel

Available exit points - can be changed on the fly during the heist.

  • Airstrip - A Dodo plane will be marked on the map.
  • North Dock - A Dinghy boat will be marked on the map.
  • Main Dock - Same as above.
  • Kosatka (only if the Kosatka is selected as the approach vehicle) - The Kosatka will be marked on the north of the island, regardless of which infiltration point is selected.

Time of Day

Time of day can make all the difference to an operation. Choose wisely to support your strategy.
— Pavel

Sets the time of day.

  • Day - The crew will arrive at the island at 12:00 midday. Time will progress normally until 7:00 pm (19:00) when it will freeze just before sunset to keep the island in perpetual daylight for the remainder of the mission.
  • Night - The crew will arrive at the island at 10:00 pm (22:00). Time will progress normally until 5:00 am when it will freeze just before dawn to keep the island in perpetual semi-darkness for the remainder of the mission.

Weapon Loadout

The weapon loadout is pre-selected based on what preparation option was picked, but the player is now given the option to purchase suppressors for $5,000.

Hire Support Crew

Support crew provides additional assistance to players during the heist. These can only be chosen for the heist when the player completes all the mandatory prep missions to activate the Finale, and require an upfront fee be paid for their services; some also require the player owns certain businesses before they can be used (i.e. Hangars for Airstrikes, Nightclubs and a Terrorbyte for Recon Drones). All but the Weapon Stash are available for use on the island via the Interaction Menu, but require the player to first disable the island's air defenses for them to be available. The Weapon Stash is only available if the player chooses the Velum approach vehicle, and will have already completed their job when the player lands.

Name Image Cost Description
Airstrike TheCayoPericoHeist-GTAO-FinaleBoardImg-SupportCrew-01Airstrike.png $12,000 Charlie Reed drops a targeted airstrike from a P-996 LAZER on an area marked with a flare, very similar to the Merryweather Airstrike service in freemode. Requires air defenses to be disabled.
Supply Drop TheCayoPericoHeist-GTAO-FinaleBoardImg-SupportCrew-02SupplyDrop.png $15,000 Unnamed character provides a Minigun and up to 9999 rounds, 5 RPGs, and 5 Sticky Bombs, per player dropped in a crate for players to collect. Requires air defenses to be disabled.
Sniper TheCayoPericoHeist-GTAO-FinaleBoardImg-SupportCrew-03Sniper.png $25,000 Viktor Sokolov deploys to the island and silently kills guards of the players' choosing using a silenced Sniper Rifle. It is possible that he may miss some of his shots. Requires air defenses to be disabled.
Helicopter Backup TheCayoPericoHeist-GTAO-FinaleBoardImg-SupportCrew-04HelicopterBackup.png $30,000 Rooster McCraw arrives in a Buzzard and his gunner attacks guards, drawing enemy fire away from players. Requires air defenses to be disabled.
Recon Drone TheCayoPericoHeist-GTAO-FinaleBoardImg-SupportCrew-05ReconDrone.png $25,000 Paige Harris provides a reconnaissance drone that reveals the positions of all guards on the island. Requires air defenses to be disabled. Works inside El Rubio's Compound. Note: Normal Mode shows the guards by default, this only becomes effective when playing a Hard Mode heist.
Weapon Stash TheCayoPericoHeist-GTAO-FinaleBoardImg-SupportCrew-06WeaponStash.png $15,000 Unnamed character stashes the players' selected loadouts in duffel bags in the hangar at the airstrip, preventing detection when using the Velum approach vehicle. Only works with the Velum approach vehicle.

Assign Crew Cuts

The rubber hits the road, eh? Time to assign each crew member a cut of the cake.
— Pavel

If there is more than one player in the heist, the leader must assign a specific cut to each participant (set to 15%, the minimum cut).


So, we go! I will be on your headset, as always. Good luck, kapitan.
— Pavel

Once the setup is complete, and all other players have marked themselves as ready, indicating acceptance of their cut, the leader can start the heist, at which point the mission begins.

Mission Walkthrough

Island Infiltration and Compound Entry

Once the heist begins, the crew approaches Cayo Perico via the vehicle chosen by the leader. Infiltration points can be limited based on the approach vehicle selected.

  • Kosatka: The Kosatka arrives off the perimeter of the island and shuts off its engines. The crew, wearing Scuba gear, descend from the Kosatka's Moon Pool entrance. From there, they are free to scuba dive to whatever landfall point they desire.
  • Alkonost: The crew are on board the cargo bay of the Alkonost while the pilot controls it towards the island and maintains cruise speed so they can choose when to jump. The pilot will reiterate multiple instructions to jump before they are automatically out of the plane. From there, players can theoretically land wherever they want (notwithstanding the difficulty of avoiding the compound air defense "red zone").
  • Annihilator Stealth: The crew are on board the rear bay of the Annihilator Stealth while the pilot approaches the island, reach the designated drop zone and lets the crew rappel down.
  • Velum: The crew arrives to the island in a Velum 5-Seater and a guard inspects them. If weapons are stashed, the same cutscene from the Gather Intel prep mission plays and the crew remains undetected. If weapons are not stashed, however, another guard inspects them and alerts the other guards before being knocked out by the player.
  • Patrol Boat: The crew arrives in a Kurtz 31 Patrol Boat and are instructed to arrive at the designated dock. However, players can turn off and make landfall anywhere they choose.
  • Longfin: The crew arrives in a Longfin and are instructed to arrive at the designated dock. Again, players can turn off and make landfall anywhere they choose.

Once on the island, their first objective is to reach the compound and gain entry, though they are free to explore the island for any Secondary Targets, secure any additional equipment, and perform some sabotage tasks.

  • Air Defenses:
    • Players must breach a locked gate to access the cabinet at the Control Tower and hack the analogue circuits within to disable the air defenses everywhere on the island except the compound.
  • CCTV cameras and lights:
    • Players must breach a locked gate at the Cayo Perico Power Station and switch two circuit breakers, cutting the power. This will completely disable the CCTV cameras and decrease the size of the guards' vision cones. The power will only be disabled until the players reach the compound, when Pavel will advise that the CCTV has been brought back online. Thus, the power will always be on inside the compound and during the escape.

Entering the compound must be done via one of six entry points; how many are available to the players depends on what equipment they have collected up to this point. How the entry point is used dictates the de-facto style of approach the crew can use to complete the rest of the mission:

Aggressive approach

  • Main Gate
    • Demolition Charges are used to blow the outer Main Gate. A guard opens the inner gate and staggers out, dropping his weapon and collapsing. The players then run through the gate into the compound courtyard. The inner gate is re-closed by the time the player regains control of their character.
      • The mission will follow an Aggressive approach from that point onward, regardless of whether the crew avoided detection beforehand or are using the Guard Uniforms. Once Aggressive is commenced, the alarm is raised and there is no way to change approach.

Big Con approach

  • Main Gate
    • Supply Truck and Guard Uniforms, only if all crew members have a uniform and ride the truck to the compound. Players arrive at the marker in front of the Main Gate and honk the truck horn. A guard examines their disguise and waves them through the gate. Players are then safely inside the compound with the Vetir parked on the south side of the gate with three neutral guards present in the entry courtyard.
      • From the moment the crew enters the Supply Truck in Guard Uniforms, they can avoid detection around the island, and within the courtyard of the compound. CCTV cameras turn white (neutral) and can be ignored. Guards retain a cone of vision which players can safely pass through, but they must not remain within the guards' view for too long.
      • Players are not locked to using the Main Gate once they have conned their way past the final checkpoint, and players can get out and access the compound using one of the stealth methods, whereby the approach will switch to Stealth Approach.

Stealth approach

  • North and South Side Gates
    • Entry requires a copy of the keypad codes which will be dropped by a random guard. Once the code is looted from the guard, players can sneak to the side gate and access the keypad. The player attempts to enter the code using the keypad. They initially get it wrong, but after a brief thought process, they enter the correct code and sneak through the gate.
      • Occasionally, an alternative cutscene will play where, despite entering the code, an error is displayed on the keypad. The frustrated player hits the keypad with their fist, unlocking the gate.
        • The guard can be standing immediately outside the final checkpoint to the grounds but is usually inside the grounds immediately around the compound.
  • North and South Wall
    • Entry requires each crew member to have collected a Grappling Hook to be able to climb the wall.
  • Drainage Tunnel
    • Heist leader has the Cutting Torch, cutting through the grill. They then swim a short distance to a vertical access grate and a short cutscene plays as they open the grate and climb up the ladder into the compound.
      • All members must be present in the tunnel entry before access will be granted. Players with maximum Lung Capacity skill should be able to cut the grill and gain access without scuba gear without drowning. Team members without scuba gear can swim on the surface until the grate is cut by the leader to avoid running out of breath during the cutting process.

Primary Target

Once inside the compound, players next objective is to gain access to the basement vault, reaching one of two entrances from their chosen entry point: Strickler's office; or an underground tunnel accessed by two separate locked gates. During this time, the crew can acquire two keycards, which are needed to enter the storage areas that hold the more valuable secondary targets, as well as a set of keys, which unlock the underground gates as well as two shortcut gates between the Main Gate courtyard and the mansion tower providing additional paths. Regardless of which entrance into the vault the crew go for, both require the player to hack a fingerprint scanner - one member must correctly reconstruct fingerprints within a time-limit or be forced to start over again; the others must protect this member during that time. If accessing via the elevator from the office, three (four in Hard Mode) prints must be matched, while accessing through the underground gates requires a single print match (two in Hard Mode) at the additional scanner found there.

Upon entering the basement, the crew must get through a locked gate before they can reach the primary target, at which point, one member must tackle the task of acquiring the item, depending on its location, while the others protect them from the guards (if alerted):

  • Safe - Pavel will text the crew the Safe Code that was stolen from the Head of Cayo Perico Security, consisting of three two-digit numbers, which must be inputted correctly to open the safe. If a number is inputted incorrectly, the player starts again.
  • Display Case - The case must be breached with the Plasma Cutter, in which a crew member must carefully use the tool to access the target without overheating the cutter.

Regardless of whether their loot bag is full of secondary targets or not, any crew member can carry the Primary Target, but will drop it if they are killed by the guards, forcing them or another crew member to retrieve it, otherwise they cannot complete the mission.

Secondary Targets

Although the crew is free to go after every optional loot item that was located during the Gather Intel mission, each member can only carry a limited amount in their loot bag; even if they go after one category, they can only secure a set amount before the bag is full and will not accept additional loot. Thus the total amount of all located secondary targets is unachievable by a crew of four players, forcing members to decide on which targets to acquire during the heist. However, the difficulty level of the mission does not impact the value of each category of secondary targets.

If a player conducts the Finale mission solo, they are restricted to stealing secondary targets from lock-ups around the island - cash and drugs. Most require the player to destroy the gate to these with Demolition Charges, explosives, or by shooting its lock with a gun, which will alert nearby guards (particularly if guns are not equipped with suppressors). The lock-ups can be opened silently by using a pair of bolt cutters or the Cutting Torch. However, two of the lock-ups have steel shutters which require two players to deal with them: one to keep the door open with a nearby lever, and the other to enter and collect the targets inside. All secondary targets within the compound are behind a dual keycard access door, requiring two players to have a keycard: one will be dropped by a guard, and the other will be on Strickler's desk in the office. To open the doors, players must simultaneously enter their keycard. These sites will hold gold, paintings, or additional stacks of cash. A solo run does have the opportunity for players to steal at least one painting, provided it spawns in the office; otherwise, they are limited to looting the lock-ups around the island.

While players can determine how much they take from any stack of cash, drugs and gold, paintings can only be taken when fully removed from their frame.

Although not marked on the map, nor considered a secondary target, a random amount of cash is available in the hidden safe in the office; like the primary target, this does not take up room in the loot bag. This bonus is available to both solo and team players.


Once the primary target is acquired, the crew's next objective is to escape from the compound, though they can freely track down any secondary targets they missed during this time. However, upon leaving the basement, a new shift of guards will spawn around the compound and the island. The crew will only be able to leave the compound via five routes:

  • Main Gate - Available to all players.
    • Players reach the Main Gate and a small cutscene plays with them attempting to force it open, kicking it in frustration. They then see the green exit release button to the right of the gate, press it and escape from the compound.
      • Only the outer gate is destroyed in the Aggressive entry, and the inner gate is opened by the dying guard who staggers out. Players who blew the Main Gate to enter will still need to unlock the inner gate to exit the compound.
  • North and South Side Gates - Only available if the codes were obtained outside the compound prior to entry.
    • The player reaches a side gate and a small cutscene plays showing them entering a code; the display still says locked. The frustrated player re-enters the code. The door unlocks and the player(s) exit the compound.
  • North and South Walls - Only available if players have previously picked up a Grappling Hook each.
    • Upon reaching the exit corona, the player unpacks their grappling hook and throws it to the section of wall with damaged spikes. They then scale the wall and drop down safely outside the wall.

The crew must use one of these routes, as they cannot use the Drainage Tunnel or the Supply Truck if these were used to enter the compound. Attempting to jump off the compound balcony to swim away will result in instant death.

After leaving the compound, the crew's final objective is to leave Cayo Perico via one of the available escape routes they can use, though they have time to seek out any secondary targets they missed. However, the latter decision is made tougher when they are a certain distance from the compound, as all the island's guards will be assisted by Strickler, who will begin seeking out the crew with a Valkyrie MOD.0 attack helicopter, while the dock entry points will be patrolled by Weaponized Dinghies (albeit no gunners present). If the crew were detected by the guards by this point, the Valkyrie will pursue and attack them, leaving members to either evade or attempt to disable the helicopter. Strickler is invincible and his helicopter cannot be destroyed either; after enough damage he will simply fly away. If the crew has remained undetected, the Valkyrie will search across the island for them, and only attack if it or the guards detect them. In addition, crew members will not be able to avoid detection with guard uniforms, as these become useless at this point.

Although the crew may use the escape route chosen by the leader, they can change this if required. Each route will require the player to do the following:

  • Main/North Dock - The crew must reach the dock and steal any of the boats there. All members must be aboard, at which point the driver must pilot the vessel away from the island, while the other members attack any pursuers if they were detected.
    • Note that any boat can be used for this method, not just the ones berthed in the docks. Players are free to hijack a Seashark, Jetmax, Dinghy or Squalo being used by civilians around the island, as well as a Weaponized Dinghy that they can take from pursuing guards on the water or sometimes seen on the docks.
  • Airstrip - The crew must disable the island's air defenses before they can leave. Once this is done, all members must board an aircraft, with the pilot flying away from the island. If the players arrived in the Velum 5-Seater, it will still be there, otherwise Dodo seaplanes will be there.
  • Submarine - The crew must reach the Kosatka, which will be waiting for them underwater off the island's north coast. This route can only be used if the crew's leader used the Kosatka as an approach vehicle on the heist.
  • Swimming - It is also possible to simply swim away from Cayo Perico without using any vehicles, and the heist will succeed once all crew members get far enough away from the island. If players arrived in the Kosatka, they can scuba dive away.
    • Although it is normally unmentioned during the Finale, the player can equip the rebreather using the gear key (D-Pad Right or default G on PC). If Night Vision Goggles are selected as the mask option, they instead are controlled with the gear key.

Guard Behavior

Guards and their cones of vision will be shown on the players map/radar in Normal Mode but in Hard Mode they will only appear at close distances. The Recon Drone is required to show guards further away. During the mission, the guards will initially be unaware of the crew's presence, but will detect them if they should enter their line of sight or make noise near them. If a player gets detected by a guard and is not taken care of quickly, the guard will shoot at the player, often alerting other guards. When this happens, an alarm is given, and the crew is forced to conduct an Aggressive approach for the heist, as guards will continuously pursue crew members throughout the mission, with new ones spawning to replace those evaded or killed. Some guards will not detect the crew at all, depending on how they approach the heist: if they use the Longfin or Velum 5-Seater, certain guards at each vehicle's respective entry point will not raise the alarm; if the crew finds Guard Uniforms, they will not be detected by cameras, and have limited protection from detection by guards across the island, while those in the courtyard of the compound will not raise the alarm. Being spotted by the Personal Bodyguards or Heavy Gunner inside the compound (marked with red cones of vision) will render the disguise ineffective. However, using disguises will only work if the crew avoids acting aggressive to the guards, while they cannot remain disguised inside the compound upon going beyond the courtyard.

The players can encounter a Heavy Gunner within the compound who will be wearing heavy armor and wielding a minigun, marked by a red skull on the minimap. This guard is one of El Rubio's personal bodyguards and always has an extended narrow cone of vision. He takes little damage to the body and requires multiple shots to the head to be killed, and he cannot be killed by a melee attack.

The time of day that the crew leader chooses for the mission impacts the vision range of guards: during the day, their line of sight is extended; while at night, it is reduced. If the crew chooses to disable the power station, all cameras on the island will deactivate until the players enter the compound, and guards will have their vision range reduced further if this is done during a night-time playthrough of the mission.

Guards are further impacted in how they deal with the crew, depending on which Disruption missions that were completed successfully by the crew during the Preparations missions: disrupting supplies of weapons restricts guards from using higher powered weapons; disrupting armor prevents guards from having any Body Armor, although the Heavy Gunner is not impacted; and disrupting air support prevents the guards using Buzzard Attack Choppers when the crew is detected. In addition, if players managed to find and use cutting powder during the Gather Intel mission, guards will have reduced firing accuracy during the Finale mission.

Collectible Weapons

During the mission, it is possible for players to acquire three weapons from within the compound:

  • Pistol - Located in the safe in Strickler's office.
  • Perico Pistol - Players must complete a random event around San Andreas, involving the looting of a guard from Cayo Perico who has passed out near a club or bar. Doing so will not only provide a small cash reward, but also a small key which can only be used in the Finale mission. The key unlocks a drawer on the desk in the office, where the weapon can be found. Once the player has found the key, it will be available to access the drawer on all future heists. On return to San Andreas, the player will have the pistol in their inventory.
  • Combat Shotgun - Players must search around the compound for the weapon, as it randomly spawns at one of a number of locations. It will spawn to a new site on a subsequent replays of the heist. It is not kept after the mission, but once collected it is unlocked for purchase and modification at Ammu-Nation.
Location Image
Leaning against a table near the big swimming pool.
Leaning against the balcony railing near the small pool.
Leaning against the pergola upright near the big swimming pool.
Leaning against the circular concrete planter in a courtyard northeast of the big pool.
Leaning against the walkway railing on the east side ground level of the main building.
Outside the north entrance to the West Storage room
Leaning against a fountain on a grass lawn south of the main pool.
In the guard "tower" above the main gate.
In the middle of the hedge maze in the northern corner.


Upon escaping the island, a cutscene will play.

Madrazo Files

The player will arrive at Miguel Madrazo's Mansion in Vinewood Hills where they will be met at the gate by a guard. He will let them in and Jorge will lead them through to a party where Miguel Madrazo, Patricia Madrazo, Kaylee and Evan will be seen, along with other party guests. The player will give Miguel the document canister. Jorge then pays the player. Miguel calls Martin Madrazo to announce the success, only for his father to hang up on him when he suggests this success should allow him to re-open discussions on a crypto deal or a condo project. Miguel suggests the player continue to rob Strickler repeatedly and that Jorge will act as a fence for any future heists.

Miguel then opens the document canister and expresses disgust at the content, throwing them onto the fire pit. The player can see a Union Depository memo and a salacious photo of Patricia and Trevor Philips.

The heist will then be complete and a short cutscene of the player and Miguel doing a tequila shot on the courtyard balcony, the latter throwing away his lime. If there were multiple players taking part in the heist, Miguel will not be present for the tequila scene. The player(s) will spawn back into free mode at the gate of Miguel's mansion with the payment in their cash ready to be banked.

Repeat Heists

The player will hand over the loot bag to Jorge and be handed an envelope in payment. The tequila shot cutscene is then replayed and the player will spawn back into free mode outside the mansion gate.

Replay on Hard Mode

Once the player spawns back into free mode they have 48 minutes (real time) from completion of the previous heist to trigger a new heist to activate Hard Mode. Note that exiting the game does not freeze the timer.

Pavel will send a text explaining that he will message the player when it is safe to try the heist again. This follow-up text arrives after approximately 10 minutes (real time), leaving 38 minutes to activate the planning screen and pay the $25,000 set-up fee to trigger Hard Mode on the next heist.


After the mission is completed, the final payout is calculated based on the value of the primary target, the total amount of secondary targets each participating crew member brought back - gradually reduced if the member takes damage during the mission, or greatly reduced if they are forced to respawn with a team life. A bonus is added to the total, if the mission's Elite Challenges are successfully completed, which is modified by the difficulty the mission was conducted under. After the first playthrough, the payout is further reduced by costs - Pavel's 2% cut, and the Madrazo Cartel's 10% fee for fencing the loot.

Primary Target

The difficulty of the heist impacts only the value of the primary target. With the exception of the first playthrough, each target in subsequent runs has a set value for completing the heist on normal difficulty, but an increased value if the player undertakes the heist on hard difficulty.

Primary Target Image Value Value on hard
Sinsimito TequilaG
$900,000 $990,000
Ruby NecklaceG
$1,000,000 $1,100,000
Bearer BondsS
$1,100,000 $1,210,000
Madrazo FilesS*
$1,100,000 N/A
Pink DiamondG
$1,300,000 $1,430,000
Panther StatueG
$1,900,000 $2,090,000

* denotes the target for the first playthrough, cannot be encountered on subsequent playthroughs.
denotes the target is only available during certain Events.
S denotes the target will be locked in the safe.
G denotes the target will be inside the glass case.

Secondary Targets

The following table denotes the total value of each secondary target (most per stack), and the amount that each player can carry of each in their loot bag:

Target Image Take (any difficulty) Weight (in loot bag per stack) Maximum numbers
of secondary targets
(to fill the loot bag)
$78,480-$89,420/Cash stack stash 25% 4 ($313,920-$357,680 total)
$176,200-$199,700/Painting 50% 2 ($352,4‬00-$399,400 total)
$145,980-$149,265/Weed brick stash 37.5% 2.67 ($389,280-$398,040 total)
$220,500-$225,000/Cocaine brick stash 50% 2 ($441,000-$450,000 total)
$328,584-$333,192/Gold bar stash 66.7% 1.5 ($492,876-$499,788 total)

An additional $50,000 to $99,000 can be stolen from the safe in El Rubio's office inside the compound. Note that it does not take up space inside the lootbag.

Total loot

The theoretical maximum loot on the island would total over $7,119,000, however the 4-player carry limit means the maximum payout would be significantly less:

MAXIMUM 1 player 2 players 3 players 4 players
Primary $2,090,000
Secondary $499,788 $499,788 $499,788 $499,788
Safe $99,000
Gross take $2,688,788 $3,188,576 $3,688,364 $4,188,152
Fence fee 10% $268,879 $318,858 $368,836 $418,815
Pavel fee 2% $53,776 $63,772 $73,767 $83,763
Net $2,366,133 $2,805,947 $3,245,760 $3,685,574
Leader max cut % 100% 85% 70% 55%
Leader Gross pay $2,366,133 $2,385,055 $2,272,032 $2,027,066
Setup fee $25,000
Leader Net $2,341,133 $2,360,055 $2,247,032 $2,002,066
Player 2 pay $420,892 $486,864 $552,836
Player 3 pay $486,864 $552,836
Player 4 pay $552,836
MINIMUM 1 player 2 players 3 players 4 players
Primary $900,000
Secondary $313,920 $313,920 $313,920 $313,920
Safe $50,000
Gross take $1,263,920 $1,577,840 $1,891,760 $2,205,680
Fence fee 10% $126,392 $157,784 $189,176 $220,568
Pavel fee 2% $25,278 $31,557 $37,835 $44,114
Net $1,112,250 $1,388,499 $1,664,749 $1,940,998
Leader max cut % 100% 85% 70% 55%
Leader Gross pay $1,112,250 $1,180,224 $1,165,324 $1,067,549
Setup fee $25,000
Leader Net pay $1,087,250 $1,155,224 $1,140,324 $1,042,549
Player 2 pay $208,275 $249,712 $291,150
Player 3 pay $249,712 $291,150
Player 4 pay $291,150

Elite Challenge

  • Complete the mission in less than 15 minutes
  • No hacks failed
  • Full loot bags
Void if
  • Quick restart used
  • Detected


In addition to the loot payout, several awards grant additional monetary rewards the first time they are achieved.

Award Image Unlocked by Reward
The Cayo Perico Heist
Complete the heist for the first time. $200,000
Going Alone
Complete the heist with one player. $100,000
Complete the heist with four players. $100,000
Cat Burglar
Complete the heist without ever being detected. $100,000
Complete the Elite Challenge. $200,000
Blow Hard
Complete the heist on Hard without losing a life. $200,000
Travel Plans
Approach the island using all the available vehicle options. $250,000
Professional Thief
Steal all variations of the Primary Target. $150,000
Go for Gold
Steal El Rubio's prized weapon.
One of Them
Enter the compound using a stolen disguise.





Compound Entry


Primary Targets

Secondary Targets


Support Crew



Video Walkthrough


With the release of the Los Santos Tuners update, several fixes were made to the Cayo Perico Heist finale:

  • Guards have a narrower cone of vision and can react to nearby explosions.
  • The Heavy Gunner is no longer vulnerable to headshots or stealth kills.
  • Fixed an issue with the keypads located around the compound storage areas, which there were one.
  • Fixed an issue with players being detected by bodyguards/security cameras through certain structures.
  • Longfin's speed was reduced, likely to avoid direct shortcuts to the compound.
  • Crew members' cuts were removed from the total if they leave/disconnect.


  • When players reach the compound, they may find English Dave being held in one of the animal cages. He will be muttering or calling out, but will not expose the undetected player. He will make comments about the panther, particularly if the cage is opened and the panther is missing.
  • During the mission, players may sometimes hear Juan Strickler use the island's loudspeakers to inform his guards that his prized panther has escaped and must be captured. However, while the cage can sometimes be found empty and its gate open during a playthrough of the heist, players will never encounter the animal around the island or compound, though its growl can be heard anywhere on the island.
  • The action mechanic of removing the grate from the Drainage Tunnel is similar to that from the Grand Theft Auto V mission Monkey Business, in which Michael De Santa had to remove a grate blocking passage into the Humane Labs and Research facility. However, while Michael had limited fuel for his cutting torch, players have no restriction on how long to take during the Finale mission.
  • Pavel will comment if the player blows up El Rubio's Brioso 300, saying that "It's a shame we cannot steal it", or that the player is revengeful for blowing it up.
  • In the cutscenes that play involving the compound's side gate keycards, the codes are as follows:
    • In the cutscene where the player enters an incorrect code, brainstorms, then enters the correct code, the incorrect code is 3-2-1-0, and the correct code is 9-5-4-4, followed by an unknown fifth number that is not shown.
    • In the cutscene where the player enters the code, then hits the keypad, the code is 6-5-6-1-6.
  • It is not possible to kill El Rubio's Panther while its in the cage no matter what weapon or explosive the player uses.


  • If the heist leader gave another teammate a 85% cut of take before starting the heist finale, and disconnected or left the transaction screen after completing the finale, the leader could get a 100% cut of take, and the teammate’s take would remain unchanged. This was patched in later updates[1].
  • The platinum award for the Fill Your Bags challenge required the player to obtain $200,000,000 of secondary loot, as opposed to the incorrectly stated $20,000,000, requiring the player to replay the Cayo Perico Heist at least 500 times to complete. This was patched in later updates[2].
  • In Hard Mode, the primary target may only display the Normal Mode value when added to the take while in the heist mission. This is just a visual glitch, and the player(s) will still be paid the target's proper value once the heist is completed.
  • When the player finishes cutting the grate underwater with a cutting torch, the torch will still be burning while the player puts it back in their duffel bag. This was patched in later updates.
  • Occasionally, during a thunderstorm, the lighting may bug, making the player's cellphone screen all black and keeping the entire map in a constant state of yellow-toned brightness. Lightning flashes will briefly revert the map's lighting back to normal.
  • When the player managed to hack any of the fingerprint scanners located at El Rubio's office or at the underground area, the same scanner suddenly moved slightly upwards, leaving the fingerprint cloner attached to the wall. This was later fixed.
  • At times, the safe containing the primary target did not played any sound whenever the player inputs the combination, correctly or not. This was later fixed.
  • Rarely, bodyguards or security cameras were able to detect any player through certain structures, such as the lockup near the airstrip and the power station. This was later fixed.
  • The GTA Online protagonist's face may change when coming out of the drainage tunnel, with their facial structure being completely different. This is because the protagonist's face in the game changes to a different structure when wearing masks or some other types of headwear, and after the swimming section of this approach, they lose the scuba mask, but their face fails to revert to their normal, unmasked variant. The problem is fixed after the heist is completed.