The Carraways are the Grand Theft Auto equivalent of The Hamptons in the HD Universe.


They are mentioned in both Grand Theft Auto IV and its expansion packs The Lost and Damned and The Ballad of Gay Tony, as well as Grand Theft Auto V. The first time is in GTA IV in a blog by Alex Chilton, the second time is during the mission "Clean and Serene" in The Lost and Damned whereby Billy chastises Johnny by saying "If you're in The Lost for the good times only and the fairweather weekends in the Carraways then you aint in The Lost, ya get me?". They are also mentioned in the CNT show I'm Rich in a segment about Cloe Parker. It is also mentioned in The Ballad of Gay Tony that Gay Tony has summer parties in The Carraways.

In Grand Theft Auto V, Jay Norris mentions that he started Lifeinvader in his parent's pool house in East Carraway, an area most likely based on East Hampton, New York.


  • Originally, the Carraways were going to be included in GTA IV, as was the rest of Liberty State. However, the producers decided to just leave the location at Liberty City, to make the game focus more on its gameplay rather than the size of its map.
  • It is possible that the name is a reference to Nick Carraway, a principal character and narrator in the novel, The Great Gatsby, set on Long Island.
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