For the train in GTA San Andreas, see Brown Streak.

The Brown Streak statuette.

The Brown Streak is a fictional superhero in The Ballad of Gay Tony and Grand Theft Auto V.


The character is depicted as a muscular man in a brown and yellow skin-tight superhero costume. He wears a mask covering his eyes and has a "B" logo on his chest.

The Brown Streak may be a reference to the superhero, Silver Streak and superhero films like Superman Returns and Batman Returns. On the cover of his comic book, he has a Superman-style cowlick visible on his forehead.

His name and many other things about him are an obvious innuendo to feces, with brown streak being a slang term related to diarrhea. Like the Brown Streak train, the superhero's name is an example of toilet humor from Rockstar Games.


In The Ballad of Gay Tony, Luis Lopez has a small action figure displayed on the table with his TV and Yusuf Amir has a life size statue of him.

The name of a film starring him, The Brown Streak Returns, implies that comic books, movies, or television shows have revolved around him previously.

In GTA V, a Brown Streak poster can be seen on the side of a house on Brouge Avenue in South Los Santos. Brown Streak action figures can be found at a variety of locations in Los Santos including Franklin's Strawberry safehouse and Lester's house. Lester's house also has a comic book published by Number 2 Comics, Return of the Brown Streak. Issue #293 dated May 2012 which is titled: Night of the Plunger. Part 2: Enter the Clagnuts. which can also be seen in the window of the Hardcore Comic Store.

The character has a star on the Vinewood Walk of Fame.



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