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For other characters named "The Boss" in Grand Theft Auto Online, see The Boss.

The Boss is a high-ranking member of the Carson Avenue Families set. He appears as an unseen character in Grand Theft Auto Online.

Events of GTA Online

Gang Attacks

If the Online Player clears five Gang Attacks against The Families in a single Free Mode session, The Boss will send a text to them stating "Damn bitch. We gonna get somebody to bust a cap in yo ass." and a random value bounty will be issued on the player's head.

Los Santos Summer Special

The Boss is one of three gang bosses (along with Edgar Carlos of Vagos and Al Carter of The Lost MC) who will message the player if they collect a Drug Vehicle in the Los Santos Summer Special.

Mission Appearances

Los Santos Summer Special



  • His phone number is 611 555 0123.
  • Although he is a member of the Carson Avenue Families, his phone icon contains a Forum Drive or Chamberlain Gangster Families pedestrian model.