"Massive satellite installation. Locally known as The Big Ear. Locals are often born with no ears, due to radiation poisoning from this thing."
— GTA San Andreas Website.

The Big Ear is a large radio telescope located in Bone County, San Andreas.


The Big Ear's enormous structure is a prominent feature of the surrounding desert landscape, and can be seen from miles around. It features a parking lot and four small buildings, along with a small garage. The signals from the Big Ear are supposedly so powerful, the locals suffer from radiation poisoning causing them to be born without ears, despite the statement, Pedestrians can be found walking in the area.

A Sandking can be found under the satellite, inside the fenced area, as being the only place in the game where it can be found, along with a Thermal Vision Goggles in front of the Sandking. Several random vehicles can spawn in the parking lot.



  • K Rose broadcasts from somewhere near the Big Ear.
  • During the mission Dam and Blast, the Nevada flown by Carl Johnson crashes near the Big Ear.
  • Barbara Schternvart may comment on a plane crash in this area.
  • The Big Ear shares its name with the radio telescope of the same name at Ohio State University. The real life Big Ear became world known in astronomy for receiving the famous "Wow!" Signal on August 15, 1977.


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