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This article (or section) refers to content in the Enhanced version for the PlayStation 4, Xbox One and PC release of Grand Theft Auto Online that may be absent from other versions.
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This article refers to the Contract finale. For the Contract overview, see The Bank Contract.
Not to be confused with The Fleeca Job.

You got the explosives and the signal jammers. Sounds like we ready to rob a motherfuckin bank. Time for some old school cash grabbin, yall. Six banks. Six racks of crisp marked bills. Get em back to me and K, and we'll make sure you get some real ones.
— Contract description

The Bank Contract finale is a Contract introduced to Grand Theft Auto Online in the Los Santos Tuners update. It is the final mission of The Bank Contract strand.

Mission Walkthrough

An Armenian client wants the player to rob six Fleeca franchises located throughout Los Santos and Blaine County storing marked bills. The mission begins with Sessanta sending the player the location of all 6 Fleecas. The player can hit them in any order they choose, however, in order to maximize efficiency, it is generally recommended to hit the banks in this order:

If all signal jammers were planted during Planning Work: Signal Jammers, the player will have two minutes to rob as many franchises as they can before they receive a wanted level. The process of robbing a Fleeca branch is rather straightforward, the player is directed to walk into the bank, go into the vault, place the thermal charges on the vault door, and steal the marked bills.

As the player progresses from bank to bank, they will eventually gain a three-star wanted level and the LSPD and the LSSD will start to pursue the player and surround Fleeca branches each time the player goes into a new branch. The player can repeat the process they were doing before, however, each time they exit the bank, they will have to take out the police surrounding the bank before advancing onto the next Fleeca branch.

Upon robbing the sixth & final branch, the player will gain a five-star wanted level. The player must lose the cops before showing up at the drop-off point with the client. Once the player arrives at the drop-off, the player will meet with the client and exchanges the marked bills before the mission ends.


In addition to the client's payout, an award granting additional money is achieved after completing the contract for the first time.

Award Image Unlocked by Reward
The Bank Contract
Complete The Bank Contract as leader to earn $75,000. $75,000


Video Walkthrough