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This article refers to the Contract overview. For the Contract finale, see The Bank Contract/Finale.
Not to be confused with The Fleeca Job.


Hit Fleeca banks across Los Santos and Blaine County and grab all the cash you can.
— Contract description

The Bank Contract is a Contract introduced to Grand Theft Auto Online in the Los Santos Tuners update.


The Contract can be selected if it is one of the three available contracts on the GTA Online Protagonist's Job Board in their Auto Shop.

When starting the contract for the first time, Sessanta will give a synopsis on the contract. She informs the player that a former Fleeca employee has given a contract to KDJ to rob six Fleeca banks, with Sessanta assisting in the preparations to execute said robberies.

The Contract consists of two Free Mode preparation missions and one finale.


Thermal Charges

Acquire thermal charges capable of burning through Fleeca bank vault doors.
— Preparation description.

Signal Jammers

Install a device at each Fleeca bank that can temporarily block the alarm system.
— Preparation description.

The Robberies

Rob the cash in the vaults of the Fleeca bank branches and deliver it to the client.
— Finale description.


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