Not to be confused with 60 Diner, another GTA IV diner.
"The pie here will warm anyone's cold heart. Stop in for classic diner fare as you wonder why it's on Bart Street."
GTA IV Manual Description

The 69th Street Diner is a restaurant featured in Grand Theft Auto IV.


"Who could resist its greasy allure?"
GTA IV Website

It is located at the intersection of Bart Street and Mohawk Avenue in Hove Beach, Broker. Niko Bellic can buy food there to replenish his health by buying a burger for 1 dollar. Niko, Johnny and Luis can take their friends or girlfriends out to the diner for a meal. The diner is featured in the website

From the outside, The 69th Street Diner has a somewhat worn down 1950s style appearance. Inside, there are several booths and stools which maintain the style. Several members of the Russian Mafia can be found inside and outside, and will open fire on Niko if he opens fire on them or others.

There are two entrances to the diner, a side entrance and a front entrance, which faces Mohawk Ave and it is a standard design for majority of the retro diners with sterling streamliner design.

Despite the building's age and worn decor, it appears to be fairly popular.

Terry Thorpe enjoys eating here because of a "hot waitress". Michelle also likes this restaurant because it is 'simple'.

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  • The 69th Street Diner has the number "69", which is an obscene, sexual humor by Rockstar Games.
  • The cashier will say some negative things when Niko purchases food such as "I dropped this in the kitchen." or "Enjoy your meal, fatso."

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