Tetsuo (born June 18th 1963 in Hiroshima, Japan) is a homosexual Japanese businessman in Grand Theft Auto 2 who is associated with the Yakuza and works for Yakuza leader Johnny Zoo. He is number five on the Tokyo police most wanted list. He is heavily tattooed and only has one eye. He owns the Hochi-ban Bar, and enjoys taking amyl nitrate, playing clarinet and torturing people.

U.S. Criminal Record

  • 1989 - Violent assault (chopped all the fingers off a chef and fed them to him).
  • 1991 - Suspected of many violent punishment attacks.
  • 1992 - Confirmed Yakuza torturer (identification not confirmed before witness lost both eyes).
  • 1995 - Car jacking Italian sports cars - two years State Pen.
  • 1996 - Suspected of double murder in prison (unproven).
  • 1998 - Suspected of countless shootings and gruesome tortures.


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