Teriyaki-chan is the Japanese DJ of Funami FM in the Downtown District of Anywhere City in Grand Theft Auto 2. She plays acid-type drum and bass electronic music. She is likely a member of the Yakuza, and comes across as a frantically screaming Japanese girl (in a varied high-pitch voice) whose speech is unintelligible and in Japanese, apart from a few phrases in English.

Her name comes from the food item teriyaki, a Japanese meat dish, and "-chan", a diminutive.

Teriyaki-chan was voiced by Seiko Yoshida, voice actress just 13 years old at the time of the release of GTA 2.

Translation of Japanese dialogue

(At the start of Toys are Real's "Flymutha")
"This is me from Funami FM, somehow I'm here, Teriyaki-chan! Oh, it makes me feel sick, it's irritating, isn't it? This bad weather, bad traffic and bad crime! Stop fooling around, who do you think we are?! And you can't never tell if a Yakuza is friend or foe, really... Astonishing?! Johnny Zoo and Danny Zoo have both become car-criminals, this computer game is starting to become shitty... Is this really fun at all?!"

(Towards the end of Toys are Real's "Flymutha")
"So, I will play a new record now! It's such a pleasant day, really... it is quite hot though, now! Pull up the song next!"

(Just before Future Loop's "Garage Acid")
"Stop fooling around, who do you think we are?! Who knows whether a Yakuza gangster is a friend or a foe?! Good song next one!"

(At the start of Ido's "Ball Blaster")
"Ain't this really shitty?! Is it really any fun at all?! Yes!"


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