Tenshun is a South Korean electronics company in Grand Theft Auto V and Grand Theft Auto Online.


Tenshun's products can be found around the city, although most of their general products are only found in GTA Online. Some of their products can be smuggled into an organization's warehouse during Special Cargo missions, while other products such as heavy machinery are found inside The Open Road businesses.

Products (A-Z)

  • Tenshun abrasives (Online)
  • Tenshun BSHT 89 TV (Online)
  • Tenshun heavy machinery (Online)
  • Tenshun power boxes (V, Online)


Tenshun's logo suggests that it is based on the real life electronics developer, Samsung. Their logo resembles that of the former logo of Hyundai Group, particularly the style of the "E".



  • The name of the brand is a play on words of "tension", possibly referring to the political tension between North and South Korea.
  • Tenshun seems to manufacture products of low/medium quality, as the BSHT 89 TV is stated to be "Half HD" and has "OK Sound", parodying common statements of modern TVs.
    • "BSHT" is also likely short for "bullshit".

See Also

  • Wiwang - an electronics company also based on Samsung.
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