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Image of an NPC playing tennis.

Tennis is a very competitive sport that hasn't changed much since the 1800s. It is still an obsession of angry upper class swingers who like to sit in the stands, drink wine, and complain about diversity.
— GTA V Website.

Tennis is an activity in Grand Theft Auto V and Grand Theft Auto Online.


Tennis is a great way to work off last night's bad decisions and dwell on just how middleclass you've become.
— GTA V Manual

Tennis is unlocked after the mission Complications. It is an activity that can be done with dates or as a challenge against computer opponents with several different difficulty levels. Before starting, the player can select the numbers of sets you wish to play and the difficulty. There are several different shot types the player may use, such as lobs, topspins and backspins. You can also win money by winning a game of tennis. It is only available if playing as Michael or Trevor.

Unlike golf, tennis can be played at any time of day or night. The game clock will also be stopped.

The player is required to win a game of tennis in order to achieve 100% Completion in GTA V.

Playing tennis improves the character's Strength stat, and a higher Strength improves the character's tennis game.

Player Opponents

Court Locations

There are 8 Tennis court locations in Los Santos (Location Guide).





GTA V - Tennis (Hard)


Rewards for winning a game (length of game does not change reward):

  • Easy: $14
  • Medium: $25
  • Hard: $36

[citation/verification needed]


  • It is possible for Trevor to play tennis on Michael's private court without Michael by climbing the western wall of his property and jumping the court fence. When the match is started, he will be playing against Amanda. Trevor and Amanda will share amusing banter throughout the match that reflects their antipathetic feelings toward each other.
  • Due to a rare glitch, if the player battles Trevor in a tennis match as Michael, Trevor will sometimes be holding a gun attached to the racket. This can also happen to Michael if playing as Trevor. The glitch is most likely caused by making both protagonists draw their weapons and starting a game before they can holster their weapon, leaving the weapon still in their hands.
  • If playing against either Michael, Trevor or Amanda, they (as opponents) share the same win-pose animations as any other computer opponent in the game. This is most likely due to the opponent becoming an NPC and all opponents have the same winning animations, same goes to both Michael and Trevor. If challenged either Michael or Trevor, they technically become an NPC. The protagonist the player controls at the time has unique animations (Michael being proud of himself and Trevor somewhat amusingly hostile).
  • Tennis is the only side-mission required for the 100% of GTA V that cannot be played as Franklin.

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