Ten Green Bottles is a bar featured in Grand Theft Auto: San Andreas.


The bar is located on Grove Street in Ganton, Los Santos, San Andreas. It is accessible to the protagonist Carl Johnson.

The interior of the bar is shared by Misty's in San Fierro and The Craw Bar in Las Venturas. It is the best place to take Denise Robinson out for a date. Although drinks can not be bought directly inside the bar, a Sprunk vending machine is located just outside.

Inside, there is a pool table, where Carl can challenge another NPC – who is standing next to the table - for money. A pool cue can be obtained after completing a game of pool. Nearby, there are two arcade game machines: Go Go Space Monkey and Let's Get Ready to Bumble. A Cerberus guard from the Manhunt series can be seen on the wall of the bar. The bar is also littered with garbage, such as paper, bottles, and discarded cigarette boxes. The radio station playing inside is Radio X. While doing the taxi driver side-mission in Los Santos, passengers may ask to be dropped off here.


The name is taken directly from a popular children's song in the U.K., and probably plays with the green gang color of the Grove Street Families gang, which control Ganton, in which the bar is located.


  • There is a bug in the game in which, if the barmaid is killed, she will hold her hands up in surrender for the rest of the game whenever the player enters the bar.
  • A glitch exists in the PS3 version where the player is unable to play pool after playing either arcade game. This can be fixed by simply exiting the bar and then re-entering it.
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