The Ten Cent Theater is a cinema featured in Grand Theft Auto V.


It is located on Sinner Street and Integrity Way in Textile City, Downtown Los Santos.

It is one of three cinemas in Los Santos that can be accessed for watching movies in GTA V and GTA Online along with the Oriental Theater and the Tivoli Cinema.

It can be purchased by Michael De Santa for $20,000,000 after completing the mission Nervous Ron, generating a weekly profit of $264,000.

The theater provides movies to the people of Los Santos. Occasionally, the manager may ask Michael for help protecting the establishment from attacks or promoting movie via air flyers. If Michael refuses to help, he will lose his weekly income for that week.

Given that the property costs $20 million, the weekly income is $264,000, and Michael manages his property successfully, it will take 76 in-game weeks to turn a profit (one of the quickest in the game). That equates to 530 in-game days, 12,727 in-game hours and 763,636 in-game minutes.


The theater is a replica of the Million Dollar Theater in Downtown Los Angeles.




Hi Michael!

I hope it's ok to call you Michael? We like to keep things informal at the Ten Cent Theater! Anyway, just wanted to introduce myself... I'm the manager at Ten Cent and I'll be your main point of contact moving forward.

Congrats again on becoming our new owner. Now we just have to find a way to stop people stealing all their movies online and start going to the cinema again... but I guess that's my problem!

Speak soon,


-Ten Cent Theater


At times, criminals may shoot at the theater. Michael will have to kill all enemies and evade the cops. Typically, Michael will be flanked by cops and enemies and will gain a three-or-four-star Wanted Level.

Air flyer

Michael will have to fly a plane with a flyer attached to the back to promote the theater.



  • The movie being advertised at the front of the theater, "The 3 J'amigos", is a reference to the 1986 American comedy film, "¡Three Amigos!".
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