"Shit happens. Seville wrongs Temple, Temple wrongs Grove, bad blood leads to bad blood. If you read the book, that's the way of the world, baby!"
Melvin "Big Smoke" Harris, during the mission Nines and AKs.

The Temple Drive Families are one of the three sets of Grove Street Families in Grand Theft Auto: San Andreas, and control the districts of Temple and Santa Maria Beach.


It is unknown when the set formed, but it was likely before 1987. Sometime between then and 1992, rivalries were formed with the Grove Street Families and (to a lesser extent) the Seville Boulevard Families. However, while the Grove-Seville rivalry is mentioned several times during the game, the Grove-Temple rivalry is mentioned far less, and is probably not as intense as the Grove-Seville rivalry. This may be due to the distance between Grove Street and Temple turf.

It is possible the rivalries stemmed from a different approach to the drug trade, and while the GSF is against drug trafficking, the other two sets may be involved in the narcotic business.

Events of Grand Theft Auto: San Andreas

The Temple Drive Families do not play an important role in the storyline, and the only time they are mentioned (aside from a phone call with Sweet after the Ryder mission) is during the mission Nines and AKs, when CJ and Big Smoke are going to visit Emmet. Smoke doesn't give any detail into the origins of the rivalry, only stating that "shit happened".

Members of the Temple Drive Families, along with the Seville Boulevard and Grove Street Families, decide to meet at the Jefferson Motel in Jefferson in order to reunite the gang. The meeting is disrupted by the Los Santos Police Department; however that ends the hostility between the three Families sets.


There are no known members of the TDF, but the three generic Grove Street members can be seen walking and driving cars in their territory. Members can be recruited just as members of other sets can.



  • Despite being rivals with the Grove Street Families early in the game, Temple gangsters will never act hostile towards or shoot at CJ.
  • They are the only Family Set not to have named members.


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