Temple (also known as Sunrise[1] or Sunnyside[2]), is a district of Los Santos, San Andreas in Grand Theft Auto: San Andreas.

It is bordered by Downtown Los Santos to the east, Market to the south, Mulholland to the north and Vinewood to the west.


Temple is a middle-income neighborhood. The area is characterized by low-rise buildings, with the notable exception of a residential skyscraper located in the northeast of the district, on the corner of Mulholland Drive and Market Boulevard. Many businesses are also located here. Although there is gang activity in Temple, their presence is less prominent than in the eastern districts of the city.

Gang Control

Temple was ever a stronghold for the Temple Drive Families set of the Grove Street Families, which was an enemy of the Grove by the time Carl Johnson returned to Los Santos. Later on the game, both sets were united again and fought together in a war against the Ballas at the Mulholland Intersection, which resulted in the arrest of GSF leader Sweet Johnson and the full on decline of the GSF. Temple fell into Ballas hands halfway through the game and after the mission Home Coming, the player can acquire Temple as a GSF territory again.

Places of Interest



  • Cane - South-east block, among the houses



  • Temple used to be called Sunrise and this still appears on the official San Andreas game website map [3].
  • The police scanner referred to it as Sunnyside in the Playstation 2[citation/verification needed] and mobile releases.
  • The smallest gang turf is in Temple, which is on a 24-7. As expected the territory is extremely hard to obtain. One good method is to get inside the shop, exit it and there may be some Ballas driving their cars that can be killed to start a gang war.

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