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The following code will display the infobox example illustrated to the right. The list of available inputs are provided below.

{{Infobox weapons
|name         = Latest weapon Name
|image        = SpecialCarbine-GTAV.png
|caption      = Caption for the image.
|aka          = Names commonly used to refer to these weapons - or alternate names.
|slot         = Class where this weapon belongs.
|type         = Type of weapon.
|ammo         = Ammo it can carry in a single magazine (if depicted with one)
|games        = Game appearances.
|manufacturer = Manufacturer.
|sold in      = Where it is sold.
|price        = Price.
|unlock       = Mission that unlocks the weapon if passed.
|related      = Similar Weapons.
|variants     = Variants.
|origin       = Weapon where it originates (if specified).
|caliber      = Calibers (if specified).
|firemode     = How the weapon fires (i.e. full-auto).
|reticle      = Reticle it uses with the reticle options in in-game Settings.
|anim         = Animation of the weapon when used (i.e. Melee Small).
|flags        = Properties (type, anim, etc)
|filename     = Internal names of the weapon.
|spawnmap     = If the weapon spawns on the map (scattered through the city).
|spawnped     = If peds can use it (i.e. police).
|spawnvehicle = Vehicles that award the player with said weapon (i.e. police cars).
|firingfx     = Sound of weapon when firing.
|reloadingfx  = Sound of weapon when reloading.



{{Infobox weapons
|name         = 
|image        = 
|caption      = 
|aka          = 
|slot         = 
|type         = 
|ammo         = 
|games        = 
|manufacturer = 
|sold in      = 
|price        = 
|unlock       = 
|related      = 
|variants     = 
|origin       = 
|caliber      = 
|firemode     = 
|reticle      = 
|anim         = 
|flags        = 
|filename     = 
|spawnmap     = 
|spawnped     = 
|spawnvehicle = 
|firingfx     = 
|reloadingfx  = 
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