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The following code will display the infobox example illustrated to the right. The list of available inputs are provided below.
Note: Additional images on the infobox are only to be used if a model is a lot different. Minor changes such as extras (lightbars, roof, exhausts, hoods, wheels, etc.) and colors are not supposed to be added and will be removed from the page.

{{Infobox vehicles
|name                = Latest Vehicle Name
|aka                 = Names commonly used to refer to these vehicles - or alternate names.
|front_image         = Mesa-GTAV-front.png
|rear_image          = Mesa-GTAV-rear.png
|caption             = Caption for the first image.
|front_image2        = Liberator-GTAV-front.png
|rear_image2         = Liberator-GTAV-rear.png
|caption2            = Caption for the second image.
|vehicle_class       = Vehicle Class - for use with GTA V vehicles only!
|vehicle_class2      = Alternative to the above, allows multiple vehicle classes to be added but requires manual linking - for use with GTA V vehicles only !
|vehicle_type        = Type of the vehicle (i.e. Civilian, [[:Category:Military|law enforcement]], [[:Category:Military|military]], [[:Category:Sports Cars|sports car]], [[:Category:Bikes|bicycle/motorcycle]], [[:Category:Boats|boat]], etc).
|body_style          = Body Style of the vehicle.
|capacity            = Capacity.
|manufacturer        = Manufacturer.
|price               = Price.
|appearances         = Game appearances.
|related             = Similar vehicles.
|variants            = Variants of the Vehicle.
|radar_icon          = Radar/Minimap icon (if available).
|makeyear            = Model year (if specified).
|swankness           = How cool the vehicle is. Ranges from 0 to 5.
|dashtype            = Dash class it uses
|inttxd              = Interior texture type it uses
|carcols             = Traffic colors
|wheeltype           = Default wheel type
|flags               = Properties (forms, damage type, etc)
|modelsets           = Vehiclemodelsets.meta group it belongs. Responsible for creating unique vehicles that spawn modified, in specific colors, regions or forms.
|modelname           = File model name
|handlingname        = Handling.dat name
|textlabelname       = Text label
|roadspawn           = Spawns in traffic? Yes/No. Use "Conditional" for special occurrences.
|roadspawnmaxcol     = Maximum number of cars with the same color. A lower number means more variety (depeding of the number of color sets).
|roadspawnfreq       = Spawn frequency of the car at a certain time. Ranges from 1, the rarest, to 100, the most common. Does not consider the conditionals of vehicles with no road spawn (i.e. [[Cargo Plane]]).
|roadspawntrailer    = Trailers that will spawn attached to the vehicle (reserved for certain vehicles).
|roadspawnidendis    = Distance between vehicles with the same combinations of components, colors, etc.
|roadspawndrivers    = The types of peds that can spawn driving the car.
|roadspawngroups     = Groups where the car will spawn, depending of the zones of the map (poor, rich, rural, etc.)
|roadspawnlicense    = Type of license plates they will have, with their respective frequency values.
|engineacceleration  = Sound of engine acceleration
|exhaustacceleration = Sound of exhaust acceleration
|idle                = Sound of idle
|deceleration        = Sound of deceleration
|genpreced           = Preceding generation (if has)
|gensucced           = Succeeding generation (if has)



{{Infobox vehicles
|name                = 
|aka                 = 
|front_image         = 
|rear_image          = 
|caption             = 
|front_image2        = 
|rear_image2         = 
|caption2            = 
|vehicle_class       = 
|vehicle_class2      = 
|vehicle_type        = 
|body_style          = 
|capacity            = 
|manufacturer        = 
|price               = 
|appearances         = 
|variants            = 
|related             = 
|radar_icon          = 
|makeyear            = 
|swankness           = 
|dashtype            = 
|inttxd              = 
|carcols             = 
|wheeltype           = 
|flags               = 
|modelsets           = 
|modelname           = 
|handlingname        = 
|textlabelname       = 
|roadspawn           = 
|roadspawnmaxcol     = 
|roadspawnfreq       = 
|roadspawntrailer    = 
|roadspawnidendis    = 
|roadspawndrivers    = 
|roadspawngroups     = 
|roadspawnlicense    = 
|engineacceleration  = 
|exhaustacceleration = 
|idle                = 
|deceleration        = 
|genpreced           = 
|gensucced           = 
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