The following code will display the infobox illustrated to the right. The list of available inputs are provided below:

{{Infobox race
| name = Name of race.
| verified = Is Rockstar Verified?
| front_image = Thumbnail.
| image_size = Image size in pixels. Insert number only. The default width is 300 pixels.
| caption = Caption for lead image (If needed).
| null = DO NOT USE
| racetype = Race Type (Land Race, Air Race, Bike Race, GTA Race, Non Contact Race, etc.).
| route = Race Route (Lap Race, Point To Point).
| vehclass = Vehicle classes used in race (Off-Road, Sports, Sedans, etc.)
| players = Player Limit (1-16 - Input as 1-x, "x" being the max number!)
| length = Length in miles.
| transforms = All transform vehicles (Alphabetical list, GTAO Transform Races only!)
| unlock = Unlocked at what rank?
| location = List Locations that the route visits.
| creator = Created by "insert members SC name here".


As seen on Arms Race.

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