It's basically the same thing as infobox mission... except that it's for heists.

Warning: This template uses new infobox markup. If you spot any problems with it please leave a message on this forum thread.
There are also issues with using * to make bullet points, so use Template:BP for now.

Usage - example here is The Big Score.

Games IDs are: V, O. Add your own links for target, for, location, reward and unlocks as necessary.

Each instance of this infobox MUST have the game specified

{{infobox heist
|heistsetup = y (For heist setups only)
|name = The Big Score
|image = GTA5-mission-heist-thebigscore-custom.jpg
|size = 270px
|caption = Subtle (top) Obvious (bottom)
|game = V
|for = [[Heists]]
|location = [[Vanilla Unicorn]], [[Strawberry]]
|protagonists = {{BP}}[[Michael De Santa]]<br>{{BP}}[[Franklin Clinton]]<br>{{BP}}[[Trevor Philips]]
|cost = Lester pays for you. <small>(assume it's $100,000 or something)</small>
|target = [[Union Depository]]
|todo = stuff.
|fail = {{BP}}[[Wasted]]<br>{{BP}}[[Busted]]<br>{{BP}}Both choppers gold detached from the helicopters <small>(Obvious only)</small><br>{{BP}}[[Merryweather Security]] finds the vans<br>{{BP}}Michael shoots any guard in the tunnel<br>{{BP}}Franklin gets left behind<small>(Subtle only)</small>
|reward = The Big One! [[Achievement]]
|unlocks = [[Something Sensible]]/[[The Time's Come]]/[[The Third Way]]
|unlockedby = [[Stingers]] and [[Gauntlet (mission)|Gauntlet]] (Subtle approach)<br>[[Getaway Vehicle]], [[Driller]] & [[Sidetracked]] (Obvious approach)


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