Usage - modified example here is Grove Street Families (note that contained information is for example only).

Only use relevant variables, but image and game are required. Games IDs are: GTA1, GTA2, L1969, L1961, III, VC, SA, LCS, VCS, IV, TLAD, TBOGT, CW, V, O. If they appear in more than one game, use game2, game3, and game4 (all optional) with the same IDs as above.

Links are automatic for games, leader (not leaders). For the image, simply put the image name (eg Image.jpg), prefix and sizing is automatic. Image size will default to 200x200px, but if the image you use is smaller than this, you should specify its natural width. Do NOT allow images to be expanded. Feel free to add your own links to all over variables (including caption).

The following code produces the fake infobox shown on the right:

{{infobox gang|
| image = Homies.jpg
| caption = Members of the Grove Street Families
| game = SA
| game2 = VC
| game3 = VCS
| game4 = IV
| locations = [[Ganton]], [[Temple]], [[Los Santos]]
| leader = Sweet
| leaders = [[Sweet]], [[Carl Johnson]]
| type = Street gang
| enemies = [[Ballas]], [[Los Santos Vagos]]
| affiliations = [[Varrios Los Aztecas]]<br/>[[San Fierro Triads|Triads]]
| colors = Green
| cars = [[Greenwood]], [[Savanna]], [[Voodoo]] 
| weapons = [[Pistol]], [[Tec-9]], [[MP5]], [[Desert Eagle]], [[Knife]]
| businesses = [[Four Dragons Casino]]
| fronts = [[Johnson House]], [[Sweet Johnson's House]], [[Emmet's]]
| members = [[Carl "CJ" Johnson|CJ]], [[Sweet|Sean "Sweet" Johnson|Sweet]], 
[[Melvin "Big Smoke" Harris|Big Smoke]], [[Lance "Ryder" Wilson|Ryder]], [[Jeffrey "OG" Loc|OG Loc]], [[B Dup]], [[Big Bear]], [[Emmet]], [[Big Devil]], [[Little Devil]], [[Tony]]
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