This template:Branding timeline, using template:Branding timeline/aux, shows up to 10 brand images. Every image is embedded in its own HTML-table, and are floated left. The number of images per row is based upon the width of the reader's screen.

The size of the brands in this template are set at a maximum of 121x121 to have consistency, with a white background for optimum presentation. Below each brand are the years it was or has been in use, in bold text, centered atop a grey background.

Note: Per this discussion at WT:NFC, this template should be used with non-free content only if it is directly paired with text discussing the images; and only if there is a significance to each and every image shown, such that it passes NFCC#8, and is not redundant per NFCC#3a. Even when these conditions are met, it may be preferable to use the images inline, rather than in this template.



There are two parameters that should be specified after the tranclusion {{Branding timeline:

  • |[image]|[years] – following the pipe symbol " | " (generally located above the Enter key) the brand's image name is specified. Following a second pipe, the years the brand was used should be specified (eg 1980-1991). Repeat this until all the brands are specified. The current limit is 10.


  • footer – this parameter produces a footer of the timeline if additional detail about the period is absolutely necessary (keep this information in few words and about the brand, not to describe different slogans, for example, which should be described within the article).



{{Branding timeline
|Image:Comic image missing.svg|1920-1929
|Image:Placeholder barnstar ribbon.png|1940-1980
|Image:Mineral schema.jpg|1996-present
|footer=*Only chiseled in stone until 1918. **Lighter shade of blue 1989-1993


*Only chiseled in stone until 1918. **Lighter shade of blue 1989-1993

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