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Television GTAV Michael Dave Franklin

Michael, Franklin and Dave Norton about to watch the news in the opening cutscene of the mission Mr. Philips.

In Grand Theft Auto V, television has been extensively changed from its appearance in Grand Theft Auto IV.


TV stays practically the same as it was in GTA IV. It doesn't affect the gameplay in any serious way, and its only purpose is to be optional entertainment and, depending on the program viewed, some additional character backstory. The number of viewable TV programs has been expanded and now the player can watch television even if he is not sitting in one place, (i.e. sat on the sofa); the player must be seated to control the television, however.

Sometimes, when the player switches to another character, he can be found watching television in his house.

Television production makes an appearance in GTA V during the mission Fame or Shame, when Michael and Trevor disrupt Tracey's audition for the Fame or Shame TV talent show. Televised news reports are also used to aid plot development in a number of other missions.

Lester Crest has CCTV installed at his house, but no interaction is possible.

Mission Appearances[]

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Viewable Programs[]


Weazel is a parody of Fox Broadcasting Company, and features the following programming:


CNT is a parody of CNN, TNT or CN, and features the following programming:

Mentioned Programs[]




  • In GTA V, "live-action" TV shows and commercials, as well as movies, all appear to have been created by Rockstar Games in either the GTA V map, or on previous Rockstar Games titles (such as Grand Theft Auto: San Andreas, L.A. Noire, GTA IV or Red Dead Redemption) as opposed to how some forms of media in GTA IV were filmed/created on "test maps" (The Men's Room, Venturas Poker Challenge, etc).
  • A new episode of Princess Robot Bubblegum was cut from the final game; however, it returned in the enhanced version of the game.
  • If the player activates Michael's special ability when the TV is on, the images on the TV will not be affected by the slow motion.

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