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Safehouse with players watching Republican Space Rangers.

Grand Theft Auto Online uses the same television feature from its appearance in Grand Theft Auto V; however, it also introduces many new features.


TV shows stay practically the same as they were in Grand Theft Auto V. Television does not affect the gameplay in any serious way, and its only purposes are to be optional entertainment and to provide some additional character backstory, depending on the program viewed. The TV introduces new features to the gameplay:


Provides security camera footage with a number of possible views depending on the standard of property, including:

  • Main Door - exterior of the front door.
  • Garage Door - exterior of the garage door.
  • Garage - interior of the garage.

Weazel News

A dedicated news channel constantly showing cinematic footage from a Police Maverick of other random players in the Freemode lobby (prioritizing those players with wanted levels).

Spectate mode

The player can cycle through all other players in the lobby in spectator mode with various camera angles and filters able to be applied.


Viewable Programs

Reruns of all the TV shows introduced in Grand Theft Auto V (that aired in 2013 in the game's timeline) are available to rewatch in Grand Theft Auto Online:


Weazel is a parody of Fox Broadcasting Company, and features the following programming:


CNT is a parody of CNN, TNT or CN, and features the following programming:

Mentioned Programs



  • Tracey De Santa's episode in Fame or Shame causes an anachronism. The episode has been available since the story of GTA Online was originally set months before the events of GTA V (prior to Gunrunning update's timeline advance).
  • Watching TV for long periods of time counts as idleness, but spectating players through the Weazel News channel does not.
    • This was later changed, as watching TV in missions like Blow Up disables the idle timer, making it a good choice for accruing Nightclub Goods without having to pay for services including the mechanic.

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