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CNT channel on a television in Grand Theft Auto IV

Television is a new feature introduced in Grand Theft Auto IV, found most in safehouses and like radio stations, is only used to pass time and to discover more about the fictional world of GTA.


Each television allows the player to watch up to three television networks (Weazel, Public Broadcasting Corporation, and CNT); however, the channels are not numbered, so finding a show is more or less coincidental. Most of the shows are running time-shifted; for example, while I'm Rich may be almost over on one channel, it may just start on another.

The feature is carried over to its episodic titles, including The Lost and Damned and The Ballad of Gay Tony, with new shows and advertising added. However, depending on whether the player opted for downloading episodic DLC or obtaining Episodes from Liberty City, the availability of shows and ads from GTA IV in both episodic titles, like radio stations, varies between DLCs and Episodes from Liberty City:

  • In DLCs, existing programming and advertising from GTA IV and a DLC purchased earlier will be present in the new episodic title, and vice versa.
  • In EFLC, only programming and advertising from TLAD and TBOGT will be available in both episodic titles, as much of GTA IV's content is not included in the standalone compilation.

While there is one television for each safehouse in GTA IV, the player can only watch TV at the Lost MC Clubhouse in The Lost and Damned. Following "Get Lost," when the clubhouse is burned down, the player has no legitimate means of watching television. In The Ballad of Gay Tony, one TV is available in Luis' safehouse.

Another television channel named CCC is mentioned in game, but the channel cannot be viewed by the protagonist.

Viewable programs[]


Weazel is a parody of the Fox Broadcasting Company and features the following programing:


CNT is a parody of CNN or TNT and features the following programing:

Public Broadcasting Corporation[]

The Public Broadcasting Corporation is a parody of BBC America and PBS and features the following program:

Mentioned Programs[]



  • Most of the commercials and shows appear to be made when the game was in its beta stages.
  • Some of the shows and commercial contain clips from previous Rockstar games, such as Grand Theft Auto: San AndreasBully, and Red Dead Revolver.  
  • There is a glitch in The Lost and Damned that allows the player to watch television following the end of the game. This can be done by landing a helicopter on the roof of the Lost MC clubhouse and walking around until the pop up for watching television appears. This will then teleport the player into the room where the television is located. Following this, the only way to exit the clubhouse is to commit suicide or reload the game. This glitch is fixed in Episodes from Liberty City.
  • The ability to watch TV within the game was mocked by Volition, the developers of the Saints Row series in this commercial for Saints Row 2.

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