Telescopes are various types of equipment in Grand Theft Auto V and Grand Theft Auto Online. They also appear in Grand Theft Auto San Andreas, although they are unusable. 


Telescopes are stationary and can be used by the player in order to get a good view from long distances; these can be found around the State of San Andreas.

There are at least 5 varieties of telescope seen in Grand Theft Auto V:

  • Astronomical Telescopes - At the Galileo Observatory - not accessible to the player
  • Radio Telescopes - In the Grand Senora Desert dish array.
  • Domestic Telescopes - Seen in private homes
  • Public Telescopes - Seen at scenic locations - The player is required to pay $1 to use.
  • Public Binocular Telescopes - Seen at the peak of Mount Chiliad.


Domestic Telescopes

Public (Pay) Telescopes


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