Tee Pee Motel is a motel chain in Grand Theft Auto: San Andreas.


The motel has two locations, one in Valle Ocultado, Tierra Robada, and the other in Las Barrancas, Tierra Robada. Both motels are inaccessible to CJ and serve no role in the storyline whatsoever. The motel rooms are in the shape of teepees. The Tee Pee Motel is based on the real-life Wigwam Motel chain, which operates multiple "teepee" motels across the southwestern United States.

The location in Valle Ocultado is next to another motel.



  • Despite the fact that the Las Barrancas Tee Pee Motel has a larger parking area, vehicles such as Freeway, Rancher, Sanchez and Wayfarer only appear at the Valle Ocultado counterpart.
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