The Technician is a character in the Grand Theft Auto series who appear as a minor character in Grand Theft Auto Advance.

Events of GTA Advance

He is a technician which was manufacturing aerial surveillance equipment in a factory in Newport for some South American governments. Cisco, the Colombian Cartel leader, wants the factory to be blown up and tells Mike to do this job.

Mike tracks down the technician and begins to chase him to steal his ID card to enter the factory without suspicion, although he can choose not to kill him. Mike takes the technicians ID card and drives to 8-Ball's bomb shop and has some explosives rigged to his vehicle, before driving to the factory in Newport.

If the technician was not killed, he returns to the factory to warn security of Mike's impending arrival. Mike positions his vehicle in front of the factory, runs to a safe distance and detonates the explosives, destroying the factory. Mike then flees from the area, so as not to be recognized by any witnesses.


Mission Appearances


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