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The following is based on Grand Theft Auto V cut content and has not been verified by canon sources. Reader discretion is advised.
Please do not add unverified or speculative content to this article unless confirmed by Rockstar Games or in-game data.

The Tear Gas Launcher is a weapon that was cut from Grand Theft Auto V.


Based on the files, it is a Grenade Launcher that is fitted with Tear Gas rounds, which emmits a noxious gas that behaves in the same way as the normal Tear Gas grenade, rather than exploding like throwable explosives. Assets for the weapon can be found in the files,[vague], as well as the ammo properties[1].

There is no indication of what is the purpose of the weapon, but is assumed to be intended for the NOOSE, as they are known to use Tear Gas grenades during wanted levels during specific circumstances.


  1. explosion.meta
          <damageAtCentre value="0.000000" />
          <damageAtEdge value="0.000000" />
          <networkPlayerModifier value="1.000000" />
          <networkPedModifier value="1.000000" />
          <endRadius value="6.000000" />
          <initSpeed value="0.350000" />
          <decayFactor value="0.250000" />
          <forceFactor value="0.000000" />
          <fRagdollForceModifier value="0.000000" />
          <fSelfForceModifier value="0.000000" />
          <directedWidth value="0.000000" />
          <directedLifeTime value="25.000000" />
          <camShakeName />
          <camShake value="0.000000" />
          <camShakeRollOffScaling value="1.000000" />
          <shockingEventVisualRangeOverride value="10.000000" />
          <shockingEventAudioRangeOverride value="5.000000" />
          <minorExplosion value="false" />
          <fragDamage value="0.000000" />
          <bAppliesContinuousDamage value="false" />
          <bPostProcessCollisionsWithNoForce value="true" />
          <bDamageVehicles value="false" />
          <bDamageObjects value="false" />
          <bOnlyAffectsLivePeds value="true" />
          <bIgnoreExplodingEntity value="false" />
          <bNoOcclusion value="false" />
          <explodeAttachEntityWhenFinished value="false" />
          <bCanSetPedOnFire value="false" />