Team Mafiya Work is a multiplayer game mode in Grand Theft Auto IV consisting of two to sixteen players, during which the player is a member of a crew hired to perform contract work for Kenny Petrovic while competing against other Teams.


The player is required to complete a variety of tasks ranging from killing rival Mob Members and Police Units to stealing cars and picking up or dropping off various NPCs such as Kenny Petrovic's wife. Kenny Petrovic will contact the player via their cellphones and give the player their mission. Missions are given in real time. Players must work as a team to complete the contracts either before the time limit is reached or before the monetary limit has been reached. Each contract completed gives the Team a cash reward that varies depending upon the task. At the end of the round, the Team that has accumulated the most cash wins. At the end of the game, the total money earned by the Team is divided equally between the remaining Team Members. It is one of the less popular Game Modes in Grand Theft Auto IV. The game also has a free-for-all variant called Mafiya Work.


The Host of the game is able to change several settings while in the Lobby. These are:

  • A Money Limit and a Time Limit
  • The location of the game (Broker/Dukes, Bohan, Algonquin or Alderney)
  • The types of weapons available to players in the match
  • The Time of the Day
  • The weather conditions
  • The Respawn Time
  • Whether the Map shows the blips of all players, far away players, near players or none at all


The monetary reward at the end of the match varies depending on the number of tasks completed by the player.


  • Try not to worry to much about killing other players because the objectives will get you more money.
  • Use of vehicles is essential, four-door vehicles are a good choice, as the player will be able to carry Team Members and/or NPCs the player is required to transport.
  • If there is more than one objective present, go for the nearest one.
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