"Ok - Little Italy??? I might be a black man from South LS but even I know that aint real Italian food."
— Tavell Clinton on Lifeinvader

Tavell Clinton is an unseen character in Grand Theft Auto V. He is the cousin of Franklin Clinton and former member of Chamberlain Gangster Families.


Tavell was raised in Los Santos. He grew up with his cousin Franklin and Lamar Davis. Some time during 2012, Tavell moved to Liberty City. He currently resides in Schottler with a Senegalese student and two Jamaicans. He posts about his experiences in Liberty City via Lifeinvader.

In his Lifeinvader posts, Tavell explains how a rapper named Pathos tried to sell him his CD. He also stated that if someone did that to him back in Los Santos he would have fought him. At another point in his life in LC, he says how Roman's taxi service is the "worst cab company ever", indicating that the company is still in business. He works as a barista in Little Italy, Algonquin.



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