Tatavaiam Truckstop GTAV Sign Northbound

Nothbound, Take a Break signage.

The Tataviam Truckstop is a collection of businesses located in an expanded central median on the Palomino Freeway in Los Santos County in Grand Theft Auto V, approximately half way between Los Santos City limits and the merger of the Palomino Freeway with the Los Santos Freeway, southeast of the Bolingbroke Penitentiary.


Off-ramps from the north and southbound lanes of the Palomino Freeway lead to a large rest stop with 3 buildings housing 4 businesses and parking areas. The road layout enables vehicles to change from the northbound to southbound direction and vice versa.

At the southern end, a building houses an Ammu-Nation store which is operational and accessible to the player. On the western side, a longer building houses a RON gas station and a 24/7 convenience store. Only the 24/7 is accessible. A roof structure covers the gas pumps for the RON station. At the northern end, a 3rd building (mirroring the design of the southern Ammu-Nation building) houses an inaccessible Bishop's Chicken branch.


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  • The Ron sign on the north side of the truck stop entrance is not solid.
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