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This article (or section) refers to content in the Enhanced version for the PlayStation 4, Xbox One and PC release of Grand Theft Auto Online that may be absent from other versions.
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Our client needs someone taken out. I know, but the money is good, and the work is interesting, so I put our hat in the ring.
We aren't flower arrangers after all.
To find this guy, we're going to have to access Lifeinvader's vast quantities of personal data.
Well, the drone will. So get over to their offices and we'll talk.
Paige Harris at the start of Targeted Data.

Targeted Data is a Client Job featured in Grand Theft Auto Online added as part of the After Hours update.


Paige Harris gives the player a task from a client, telling that he wants someone to be taken out. To locate the location of the target, the player must first infiltrate the Lifeinvader office with a drone from their the Terrorbyte to hack two laptops. Because of the Jay Norris incident, security in the office has been increased with a few Gruppe Sechs Security Guards and two surveillance cameras. The player has an option to enter the building on foot, although the cameras act as "barriers" and therefore, they will be immediately spotted, resulting in a 2-star wanted level. The hacking process is also longer, as the character will plug a USB device to initiate the hacking, then taking it after the process is completed.

Once the laptops have been hacked, the location of the target will be revealed to all players in the session and the player will have to take out the target. There will be three body guards stationed with the target although they do not need to be eliminated to complete the job. Other rival players will be able to protect the target by preventing the player from killing him before their 15 minute time limit for the job expires.

As soon as the target is eliminated, the bodyguard NPCs will cease to be hostile.

The organization will be paid for a successful assassination.

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GTA Online - Terrorbyte Client Jobs Paige Missions

Targeted Data starts at 14:38 and ends at 18:30