Tanks A Lot! is a mission in Grand Theft Auto 2 given to protagonist Claude Speed by the Russian Mafia. It is given from the Yellow phone, located in Lubyanka Docks, Industrial District of Anywhere City.

Mission Objectives

Destroy THREE tanks, each guarded by six Zaibatsu operatives.


There are many ways to complete this mission. They are some easier than others. But way described here is the easiest one. You only need 20-30 Molotov Cocktails. When the mission starts, go to the Russian Crusher. There is a road with the trailer on it. Go south, you will enter the Lubyanka warehouses (if you already completed Krishnas missions, you will know this place. You took a truck from here in Cossack Conversion!). In southern part of this area, there is an entrance to the bridge, which is placed over the road. Tanks will go down this road. Bridge entrance can`t be accessed from the road, so Zaibatsu men won`t disturb you. Keep in mind that if a tank sees you, it will stop moving and start shooting at you even if you are on the bridge, however it will not hit you if you are on the bridge. Make them drive closer to your location and throw the Molotov Cocktails. They destroy the tanks very easy, 4 direct hits is enough to take out one.


  • The mission's name is similar to the phrase "Thanks a lot".

Video Walkthrough

GTA2 - Job 53 Tanks a lot!

GTA2 - Job 53 Tanks a lot!

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