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Tanked Up was a mission in Grand Theft Auto: San Andreas that was going to be given by Zero to CJ.


It was intended to be the third mission in the optional asset mission strand related to Zero's RC Shop in the San Fierro section of the game, taking place after Supply Lines... and before New Model Army, but the mission was cut during development of the game.

It likely would have involved CJ controlling a miniature tank to destroy some buggies which Berkley had deployed against Zero[1] and facing a trap set by Berkley[2]. Not much else is known about the mission.[3][4]


CJ: What's wrong with you now?
Zero: I've learned an important lesson.
CJ: What?
Zero: That it's fun to have an enemy. That with Berkley dead my life is also over.
CJ: What do you mean?
Zero: It is perfectly natural, Carl. We're fighting machines, Carl, as much as this tank, or that chopper. And with no one to fight, we're nothing. I am just facing up to the void. Don't mind me, Carl. I am having an existential crisis. You carry on painting graffiti and wearing your gold chains. All I want is a little peace.
CJ: I got the cops on my case, a big fat prick who betrayed me and you're having such a crisis? Man, I'll give you 'exi-mental', you damn square. What's that noise?
Zero: Sounds like a model 7, a 5:1 ratio, equipped with cannon.
CJ: No, it doesn't. No it doesn't... It sounds like a whole army of them!
Zero: Oh dear God - Berkley is alive?
Zero: It must have been a patrol we heard. If Berkley's still alive, he'll be servicing his transmitters! We've got to go stop him!
CJ: How?
Zero: You're the gangster, you tell me! Carl, where are you going? What are you doing, Carl? That's Berkley over there!
CJ: Right, I'm going to go beat on that fool!
Zero: Wait! Berkley is a master tactician, a cautious general!
CJ: Meaning?
Zero: Meaning it's a trap! Deploy the tank! Use the tank to take out those buggies!
CJ: What's the problem, they're only little cars?
Zero: Trust me, stop them at all costs!


Analysis of Tanked Up begins at 10:44.

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  1. Dialogue:
    ZER3_FA = ~z~Use the tank to take out those buggies.
    ZER3_FB = ~z~What's the problem, they're only little cars?
    ZER3_FC = ~z~Trust me, stop them at all costs!
  2. Dialogue
    ZER3_EA = ~z~That's Berkley over there!
    ZER3_EB = ~z~Right, I'm going to go beat on that fool!
    ZER3_EC = ~z~Wait!
    ZER3_ED = ~z~Berkley is a master tactician, a cautious general!
    ZER3_EE = ~z~Meaning?
    ZER3_EF = ~z~Meaning it's a trap!
    ZER3_EG = ~z~Deploy the tank!
  3. As no text strings for the objectives exist, the only source of information are the left over dialogue lines.
  4. Although the mission is included in Things to do in San Andreas modification by DeeZire, it is not an actual recreation of the mission, and is merely an interpretation by the mod author.


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