Tangerine Dream is a German electronic music band founded in 1967 by Edgar Froese. The band collaborated with The Alchemist, Woody Jackson and Oh No to produce various tracks for the Grand Theft Auto V Official Score.

Tangerine Dream

Tangerine Dream produced various tracks in Grand Theft Auto V which can play during Wanted Levels of 3 stars or more, Missions or during random events.

Each of the tracks are separated by stem in the files, allowing the game to increase or decrease the intensity of the score as the mission or event flows.

  • Beyond - Beyond plays during few missions but is heavily associated with Michael De Santa's family, particularly during Daddy's Little Girl and Meltdown. It also plays during the subtle approach to the heist finale, The Big Score.
  • Burning Bar - Track 06 on the GTA V Cinematographic Score, "Burning The Bad Seal". Burning Bar is perhaps best known for its appearance in the mission Bury The Hatchet and its connection with North Yankton. It also plays during the mission Mr. Richards. Burning Bar can play when wanted.
  • City - Track 04 on the GTA V Cinematographic Score, "Downtown Los Santos". City makes many appearances in GTA V and GTA Online. It may play during wanted levels like many other soundtracks, however it prominently heard in the mission The Bureau Raid. It can appear during Contact Missions in GTA Online.
  • Dark Robbery
  • Diamond Diary Fake
  • Dr. Destructo Fake


  • Dragoner - Dragoner makes many appearances throughout GTA V. It was one of the first of the GTA V Official Score tracks to be heard, making an appearance in the GTA V Gameplay Trailer[1]. It is heard during the chase sequence of Legal Trouble. Dragoner can play when wanted. Draghoner does not appear on Tangerine Dream's Cinematographic Score.
  • Greyhound - Track 07 on the GTA V Cinematographic Score, "Beyond the Weakest Point". Greyhound remains unused in the original release of the game, however it can be found in the files. It was added in GTA Online's Flight School as part of the San Andreas Flight School Update.[citation/verification needed]. A remixed version of the soundtrack, with individual stems, plays faintly in the Pause Menu in story mode.
  • Scrap Yard - Track 09 on the GTA V Cinematographic Score, "Diary Of A Robbery". Scrap Yard is known for its prominence in the mission Dead Man Walking. It can also be heard playing in many Contact Missions in GTA Online.
  • Streets of Fortune
  • Torture
  • Tough Sea Race - Tough Sea Race is a special soundtrack which plays during Exercising Demons Strangers and Freaks missions, and all Triathlon activities. As of the Heists Update for GTA Online, the soundtrack also plays during certain parts of Heists and Heist Setups.
  • Universal
  • Vacuum - Track 01 on the GTA V Cinematographic Score, "Place of Conclusions", named "North Yankton Memories" on The Music of Grand Theft Auto V album. Vacuum is also a very significant part of the score and plays during Prologue, essentially serving as the introductory score for GTA V. It can also play during wanted levels.
Note: All soundtracks linked courtesy of GTA V Score.

The Cinematographic Score

Tangerine Dream's Cinematographic Score of GTA V.

"The score for the groundbreaking game GTA 5 was based on the merging of four different artist inputs, a procedure the music supervisor of the game had to follow. Finally it worked perfectly for the game. What has been left out, necessarily to give the game a needed sound dress in its abstract form, is the so-called cinematographic score. Here you will find the music without any other information from the game itself. It’s the pure musical environment composed and played solely by Tangerine Dream. Maybe you will recognize a tune or rhythm here and there, but everything is built in the dress of sequencer lines and melodies as it was composed in the first place. This special edition is LIMITED to 2000 copies - for our diehard fans - and will not hit the major shops anywhere."
―East Gate Music Shop description.[2]

The Cinematographic Score[3] is an exclusive album limited to 2000 copies.[2] The studio album began release in March 2014 and contains 1 disc featuring 12 tracks.[2] It features unedited[4] versions of several tracks used in the Grand Theft Auto V Official Score. The tracks are numbered and some track titles are different from the ones used in the files and in the Rockstar Editor.

  • 01. Place Of Conclusions
  • 02. Streets Of Fortune
  • 03. Mission Possible
  • 04. Downtown Los Santos
  • 05. Blaine County Sunrise
  • 06. Burning The Bad Seal
  • 07. Beyond The Weakest Point
  • 08. Sadness, Grief and Hope
  • 09. Diary Of A Robbery
  • 10. Draw The Last Line Somewhere
  • 11. The Dangerous Mile
  • 12. Living On A Razor Edge

GTA V: Official Score Volume 2

Many of Tangerine Dream's collaborative scores are featured on The Music of Grand Theft Auto V Volume 2: The Score, including Vacuum and Dragoner. On this album, they are also named differently to their in-game file names and the names that appear on the Cinematographic Score album.

Rockstar Editor

Some of Tangerine Dream's songs appear in the Rockstar Editor in the enhanced version. They appear under the Urban category of Score Tracks. Only a select number of Tangerine Dream's tracks appear in the editor; tracks whose files do not allow for dynamic range of intensity, such as Beyond, Tough Sea Race or Dragoner, do not appear in the editor.


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