Should her name be moved from Yuka to Yuka Kasen?-User:BloodyGTA

A niece doesn't necessarily has the same surname as the aunt. Is her full name explicitly shown in the game?--Spaceeinstein 06:48, 8 May 2009 (UTC)

Her full name was never referd to in-game but the only female sibling of the Kasen Famil,Asuka Kasen,said that was her niece leading the father of Yuka being either Kenji or Kazuki which should lead her name to Yuka Kasen.-User:BloodyGTA
I'm think that Yuka is Kazuki's daughter because she lives with Asuka in 2000. Kazuki and Toshiko dies in the 1998, and Asuka become to her tuter. (sorry for my english, i am russian) - Ambience_ed 14:45 may 10 2010
- I bet that Asuka, Kenji and Kazuki had another brother or sister who's deceased or disowned Yuka, I doubt it would be Kenji as Asuka hints that he's gay when she says "Just like Kenji, always trying to play with my toys." from the mission Under Surveillance, he also sounds it when he talks in his cut-scences and I highly doubt Kazuki would be the dad as he spends more times with things that have a penis and he loves to thrust his "sword" (his penis) into men, and he also e-mailed Kenji "many times, I have killed a man, afterwards, just to keep him quiet and that now there is someone special, but I am a man, not a rat, skulking in a sewer" which Toshiko saw and she doesn't seem like a "motherly" type of person, she was much more interested in making Kazuki pay for never paying attention to her, she wouldn't think "Well just fuck it, we've got a daughter she needs her mum and dad." and Asuka claims that she's Yuka's aunt her condo's full of S&M gear for the men she fancies and she also doesn't seem like a motherly person with her condo and having Maria round for her to getaway from Salvatore. So who is it? - gregallz5 .

I think Kenji is Yuka's dad and a very good one because Kazuki's a douche for neglecting his wife Toshiko Kenji seems like a wonderful dad.

I'm not he only guy who thinks Yuka's cute right?

Born place

How can Yuka was borned and raised at Staunton Island, if Kasen Family moved to Liberty City only in 1991? Even if she's max 14 years old at 2000, that means in 1991 she's 5 years old. Kaen22 17:35, September 16, 2015 (UTC)

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