For anybody who needs help finding the Wayfarer (other than in the mission, "Liberty City Choppers"), one day, I stole a Bati 800 to try to find a Bati Custom, thinking that the Bati 800 would spawn its counterpart, the Bati Custom. I went to Northwood/North Holland and looked around for a while. Later, I then gave up on trying to find the Custom and went and did some arm wrestling at the AOD Clubhouse. After I failed horribly at arm wrestling and quit arm wrestling, two Wayfarers were all of a sudden, parked right by me! I don't know if doing EXACTLY what I did would work, but maybe it will work, somehow GTAFan123 06:03, August 15, 2010 (UTC)

The green bike in GTA 5 is a Bagger, not a Wayfarer.

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