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Billy's betrayal

Did somebody understand Billy's mastermind scheme behind this mission? In TBOGT it was seen as he knew about the deal with Triads and set ambush for Johnny, but in the cutscene for "This Shit's Cursed" he was strongly against deal. I can't believe that he had the opportunity to plan everything so good to SUGGEST that Jim will offer him to deal with Triads and managed to play denial so good in his meth/weed/heroin non-stop party.

And if you have explanation for that shady matter, can you also explain, what did he do during the events of mission? It was simple enough for him to just keep his distance from building, but somehow he managed to get into chasing with police. May be Chad reported to police, that Billy gone against his parole rules?

I think of all this as just mistake from Rockstar.

Thanks in advance, gentlemen. Orto Dogge (talk) 21:19, February 22, 2014 (UTC)

1. Jim got the information about the Triads wanting their heroin back.
2. Jim went to Billy, and told him about the Triads wanting the heroin back. (This is unseen but possible as Billy is Jims captain, and the info is important to the club. So the chapter's captain would be the first one to talk to, especially for Jim beeing the chapter's treasurer.)
3. Billy on the other hand secretly sees an opportunity to get rid of Johnny by letting him deliver the heroin to the Triads. He doesn't tell Jim, but he meets up with the Triads, as seen in the TBoGT mission Chinese Takeout. Afterwards he calls Johnny and tells him to come to the clubhouse, as his input is needed in a discussion there.
4.During This Shit's Cursed Billy and Brian who seems to know about Billy's secret plan wait outside. After they hear shots beeing fired on the upper floors they possibly want to flee on their bikes but they are held up by Triads. So Billy crashes his bike and Brian cowardly seeks for cover where he sees the police arrive and arrest Billy. As both Johnny and Jim come out of the building a bit later Brian counts 1+1 and thinks Johnny himself made up a deal with the Triads.
Doppelblind (talk) 18:15, July 13, 2016 (UTC)
Thanks for informing us Doppelblind. GTAFan86-Signature2talk contribs 18:16, July 13, 2016 (UTC)
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