Quick question, is the money given to helpers during the selling of stock bugged? I know that the CEO differs from MC Presidents by taking a large cut out of profits but both me and my friend have been helping each other sell stock as Presidents, The two times that I have sold stock, he was given 31k the first time and 34k the second, now when I helped him sell his stock (and we sold more than I did) and he was a president, I and another player only got 8k, and so did he when doing it for another friend at some point. Now is this a bug because there doesn't seem to be an explanation on why some folks get a reasonable 30k for helping and other times just a mere 8k? Also I apologize in advance if this was the wrong place to put this. --20px The Cruentus(Talk) 15:34, December 7, 2017 (UTC)

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