The Ransom mission is under Gerald McReary. But I think it should be a Patrick McReary mission. he's the one who's calling you. Tom1101 19:19, August 13, 2011 (UTC)


The order of the missions are wrong! Let me correct it.1900s 09:06, April 26, 2011 (UTC)


I think in the Broker-Dukes-Bohan section of the missions, the Brucie missions should be moved above Roman's Sorrow. The reason being that it's kind of a pain in the ass to drive all the way back from Bohan to do his missions when he's more-or-less right next door to the your Safehouse before moving to Bohan.

Anyone else agree or disagree?

- JackFrost23 15:22, August 2, 2011 (UTC)

Take a Taxi. I do agree with the order now. After you've done Russian Revolution Roman wil call you so soon you can't even reach Brucie. So the mission Roman's Sorrow starts and you'll get a safehouse in Bohan. btw you only have to drive once from Bohan so East Hook so that's not such a pain in the ass at all. Tom1101 15:01, August 14, 2011 (UTC)

Career Mode

I prefer calling it 'Career Mode' because you can unlock anything by completing missions. Malcolm (wanna talk to me?) 10:08, January 13, 2012 (UTC)

GTA IV Mission-Paths

Seen The Tom said "It doesn't fit the style of the Wiki", I post it to here for a reference and concept about the structure and relationship of the missions.

Drive Roman to his apartment.Drive Roman to a hardware store and get away from the Loan sharks.Pick up Mallorie and Michelle from the subway station, drive them to Michelle's place, and go buy new clothes.Take Michelle bowling.Save Roman from the loan sharks and kill Bledar, Kalem and Dardan.Drive Jermaine to the lockup and lose the cops.Smash a shop window and retrieve Vlad's money, then take it back to Vlad.Chase the laundromat owner by a car and retrieve what he owes to Vlad.Travel by a train to steal a car that belongs to Vlad.Chase Ivan Bytchkov, then kill or spare him.Kill Vladimir Glebov.Pick up Little Jacob, watch over a meeting and kill the gang members.Drive Jacob to a drug deal and kill the dealers who set him up.Follow or chase a dealer to his apartment, then kill him and his backup.Meet Mikhail Faustin, steal a cop car, and then steal a van full of TV's.Threaten Joseph Kaplan at a sex shop, reclaim the money and go to the gun store to receive a gun.Kill Lenny Petrovic.Kill Jason Michaels and his biker friends.Steal a truck full of explosives, take it to Kenny Petrovic's garage, then detonate the truck.Kill Mikhail Faustin.Escape Dimitri and Bulgarin's ambush and lose the cops.Witness the destruction of Roman's apartment and garage business and move to Bohan.Meet Brucie Kibbutz, then log in to the internet café computer.Find a cop car, access the computer database, then find and kill Lyle Rivas.Steal Lyle's Oracle, escape from the gangsters protecting it, and drive it to Brucie's lockup.Use the Internet, set up a date with Tom Rivas, then kill him at the meeting.Win a street race with a Comet.Follow the gang member to a warehouse, then kill him and his associates.Kill the gang members at the garage.Go to a rooftop and watch over Packie McReary's meeting using a sniper rifle.Go to the drug deal with Playboy X & Johnny Klebitz, then escape the LCPD ambush with Playboy X.Follow the train, then kill the guys who get off.Steal back some coke from the abandoned hospital, lose the cops, and meet Little Jacob.Take the bodies of Manny Escuela and Jay Hamilton to The Doctor.Meet Dwayne Forge, go to the construction site, and kill the union officials.Use your new phone to take a picture of Marlon Bridges so he can be identified and killed.Kill Jayvon Simson, and kill or spare Cherise Glover.Take back The Triangle Club for Dwayne by killing the Trunchez Brothers.Kill Playboy X or Dwayne Forge.Kill Playboy X.Kill Dwayne Forge.Rescue Roman Bellic from the kidnappers.Kill the blackmailer and take the pictures to Francis.Setup a job interview to meet Tom Goldberg, kill him and take his files back to Francis.Kill or spare Clarence Little.Kill Clarence's chief lieutenant.Go to Oleg Minkov's apartment, then kill him at the meet.Kill Adam Dimayev.Follow the Helicopter and steal it when it lands.Use the Helicopter to kill Eduard Borodin.Steal the truck from the Triads and drive it to Ray Boccino's lockup.Steal the money from the Ancelotti Family.Rob the Bank of Liberty and escape through the subway.Kill Teddy Benavidez.Pick up Ray's Diamonds left by his ally, alongside Luca Silvestri and his crew.Kill Luca and his crew to retrieve the Diamonds, then take them back to Ray.Go to The Libertonian with Johnny Klebitz, then escape the ambush.Kill Jim Fitzgerald and his accomplice.Kill Isaac Roth and his bodyguards.Kill Anthony Spoleto by attaching a Car Bomb to his car, then blowing it up at a meet.Kill Frank Garone on a motorbike.Kill Bucky Sligo and his crew.Watch over Kim Young-Guk and destroy the boats attacking him.Park a truck in Booth Tunnel, steal a prison van, kidnap Aiden O'Malley and kill him.Kill Francis McReary or Derrick McReary.Attend Francis/Derrick's funeral and transport their body to their graveyard while fighting off the attackers.Follow Talbot Daniels' directions and encounter Florian Cravic with Roman Bellic.Kill the homophobic man stalking Bernie Crane.Meet Bernie's blackmailers sent by Dimitri Rascalov and kill them.Chase and kill Dimitri's goons.Get Gracie Ancelotti's phone number before the kidnapping.Kidnap Gracie Ancelotti.Take a picture Gracie with your phone and send it to Packie.Transport Gracie to another safehouse and defend her from the Ancelotti Family.Meet two associates of the Ancelotti Family so you can trade Gracie for the Diamonds alongside Packie, then escape Ray Bulgarin's ambush.Steal a truck holding the Heroin from the Algonquin Triads and take it to Frankie Gallo's garage.Watch over the meeting of Jimmy and Pavano goons, kill the mobsters and protect Pegorino.Follow and kill the Pavano goons.Steal the Russian's coke boats.Kill Charles Matteo at the Sprunk Factory.Kill Anthony Corrado at the hospital.Go to Frankie Gallo, then escape from the Feds with the Heroin.Kill Ray Boccino.Escort Bobby Jefferson to City Hall, and fight off his ambushers.Kill Kim Young-Guk.Destroy the Russian coke vans.Confront Darko Brevic, then kill or spare him.Pegorino explains that he needs you to partake in a Heroin deal that is his last chance to get on The Commission; but since the deal involves your betraying old rival Dimitri Rascalov, Niko is left unable to decide. Now the player must decide to either exact Revenge or strike a Deal with Rascalov.After betraying you again, Dimitri leaves you to steal the money alongside Phil Bell.Attend Roman and Mallorie's wedding, and witness a horrible plot event there.Chase and kill Dimitri Rascalov (who kills one last person before dying).Blast through the Platypus; the same ship that brought you to Liberty City; and kill Dimitri Rascalov.Attend Roman and Mallorie's wedding with Kate McReary and see a horrible plot event there.Chase and kill Jimmy Pegorino.Drive a Taxi for Roman Bellic.Use the Police Computer to locate wanted people and kill them.Use the Police Computer to locate current criminals and kill them.Steal cars for Brucie.Deliver drugs for Little Jacob.Steal cars for Stevie.Assassinate people for The Fixer.MissionPath-GTAIV-20140311

Gibea (talk) 22:35, March 16, 2014 (UTC)

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