I've cleaned up some of the more redundant material. Also, I just played the level and got a 5-star wanted level and missile attacks during the chase during the bit flying over Area 69. I'm not sure if the walkthrough video guys were lucky or maybe just flew outside the range of the no-fly zone. 23skidoo 03:40, March 31, 2011 (UTC)

Auntykriest 07:40, August 28, 2011 (UTC)

I've found that this level is easy if you have a Hunter helicopter (or a Hydra). As soon as everyone is in place on the ground, pup out and destroy both helicoters on the ground and then lay waste to the entire area. After everyone is dead, land and pick up the brief case. Destroying all of the vehicles first is the key, if the target (or an agent that grabs the case after the target gets killed) enters a car or helicopter it can be a long chase and they will have a head start on you.

Another alterntive is to use an armed helicopter (Hunter or Sea Sparrow) and follow the walkthrough in the main article; do not use a Hydra because you cannot control the amount of damage you inflict on the target. When giving chase to the target, fly around Area 69 and catch the target on the other side if the chase goes that far. Continue to lay fire down in controlled bursts on the target's helicopter, when you see heavy black smoke coming from it just continue to follow it, you will notice the target slows down and begins to lose altitude, fire on it in bursts until it auto-rotates (spins out of control) to the ground on fire and blows up on impact. Then you can land and pick up the briefcase. Note: if you destroy the target helicopter in the air the brief case is destroyed and you fail the mission; it has to crash on the ground or a rooftop. Also, if the target makes it into Las Venturas before you can cause it to crash there is a decent chance that it will crash in an area where the brief case will spawn in an unobtainable location, I've see it on ledges on the sides of sky scrapers and on top of billboards... if that happens you will not be able to get to it without killing yourself.