Was there ever any proof at all with Lance being 32 in GTA: Vice City and Victor being 30 in GTA: Vice City? These users who keep writing these annoying false age things with GTA III era characters have been driving me insane I could understand this being on GTA Fan Fiction but no they put this on the character's page as if it was real like Tommy Vercetti being born in 1959 or Sonny Forelli being born in 1949 or Frank Tennpenny being born in 1960 and ect.Some of these ridicules guesses are even way off.This needs to be dealt with.-User:BloodyGTA

Just to be curious...Does the AK47 of Lance which he uses in the helicopter (infer this is as of VCS) modified or some sort or was a bug? Surprisingly, its firing rate is almost as the minigun's and is why i call it 'Lance's bullet spam' combined by the gun strength.

Gillstar34 (talk) 10:58, November 10, 2012 (UTC)

when lance vance are add of liberty city

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