Consider revision: It may be based off the Javelin. The two designs are similar, and the Javelin is IR guided. User:Sukhoi-35BM

Maybe, but the Javelin has a huge rear cone and fires upwards, at which point the missile ignites and streaks to its target. The ingame HSRL doesnt. Its based somewhat on the ERYX design, as both have huge launch tubes, the only differences being the ERYX has a grip and scope, and is wire-guided, while the HSRL is a pistol grip with a scope. EDIT: I realized that it resembles a Russian SA-7 Grail instead. My mistake. User:MasterChief117

Dude, it's a videogame. The missiles in here have only a basic physics/ballistics program. As for the look, it's probably influenced by all three. Rockstar prob googled "guided anti-tank missile" and took what they liked. Like what they did with the Hydra and the Cargobob, both of which have multiple influences. I would say no to ERYX simply due to guidance system.

A javelin does have a direct fire mode