DLC Validity

So I've brought this up in one of my edit summaries, but went unseen. Bringing this up again since the page is starting to get traffic.

Should this be an actual page/DLC?

Note that:

  • All Christmas content was added with Import/Export.
  • All Christmas content is inside the DLC pack of Import/Export.
  • "Festive Surprise 2016" does NOT have its own DLC pack.
  • All Christmas content was enabled through the tunables like the previous content addons.

On a technical, and correct, level, "Festive Surprise 2016" is not a DLC and is merely an in-game event. Thus, conversion of Event pages (Power Play Week, Seven-70 Week, Pfister 811 Week, Tornado Week, Inch by Inch, etc) into a DLC page would be needed if this were to stay. What Rockstar is doing is giving an impression to the unaware players that they made a secret update rather than included the content with the previous DLC and held it back, just like all the previous event week additions. In my opinion, this would be better suited inside the Import/Export page (along with a redirect), or in the "Holiday Bonuses" Event page (once it's created), as there really aren't that many reasons to keep this. V-michael-trunk-miniV-franklin-trunk-miniV-trevor-trunk-mini 12-22-2016, 02:58:30 (EST)

Agreed. That's it. lol. Monk Talk 21:03, December 22, 2016 (UTC)
I can see what your saying, but in hindsight it's not just a week long special/bonus thing it's almost 2 and a half weeks long. Also it is based on the original DLC and Festive Surprise 2015 was activated by tunables but it still has it's own DLC page. The suggestion I have is that it can always be listed in the description that it is content made available through tunables and just leave the page up for all the content and changes that came with it. Just a suggestion though. Ninerfan83 (talk) 03:57, December 23, 2016 (UTC)
Length doesn't matter. An event is an event. The examples I used are "Weeks" because R* only did week-long events back when originally releasing the hidden content. As for the previous Festive Surprises, they are DLC's. They all have their own separate DLC pack. This one doesn't. V-michael-trunk-miniV-franklin-trunk-miniV-trevor-trunk-mini 12-22-2016, 11:08:10 (EST)
Festive Surprise 2015, according to its wiki page, was "released through a minor patch" added one vehicle, had artwork, and lasted for about three weeks. This is literally mirroring that. I vote no on Brexit Derp Herpington (talk) 00:55, December 24, 2016 (UTC)
You know what, this exact topic was posted on Talk:Festive Surprise 2015 exactly one year ago, yet the page stayed. 
There you go. Derp Herpington (talk) 00:56, December 24, 2016 (UTC)
A minor patch, three vehicles, festive content, only valid for a few weeks. Similar to 2014 & 2015, the page should stay. Leo68 (talk) 01:16, December 24, 2016 (UTC)
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