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This article (or section) refers to content in the Enhanced version for the PlayStation 4, Xbox One and PC release of Grand Theft Auto Online that may be absent from other versions.
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Matteo: "All we asked for was our mixer and a few drinks from the bar."
Carmine: "Yeah, if the setup is right, we're good."
―Tale of Us to English Dave

Carmine Conte and Matteo Milleri from the duo Tale of Us are two characters in the Grand Theft Auto series, who appear together as supporting characters in Grand Theft Auto Online.

Events of GTA Online

After one week of Solomun's residency at a GTA Online Protagonist's new club, Tale of Us become available to book.

The player can book them for $100,000 from the Resident DJ section of the club management computer.

Alright, Tale of Us time, it's all sorted. Except for the small matter of their rider... the wanna get picked up in an Enus Stafford. DJs these days, the fancy fucks. We ain't gonna be able to rent a motor that pricey, so we'll have to lift it... and there happens to be one on the back of a transporter not too far away. Chase it down, release the ramps, and watch it fall off the back. Easy peasy, iint.
English Dave instructions to the player

English Dave says their rider dictates they need to be picked up in an Enus Stafford which needs to be stolen off the back of a transporter trailer.

If the player owns a Stafford, it cannot be used to pick up Tale of Us at LSIA, the mission requires the player to steal it off of the transporter.

The player shoots the lower hinges of the transporter to release firstly a Vapid Flash GT and then the upper hinges to release a RUNE Cheburek before the Stafford falls safely to the road and can be stolen. The player must then evade their wanted level before travelling to LSIA where Dave is waiting and they can collect the DJs and deliver them to their club. Upon arriving at the club, they realize that the request for being picked up in a Stafford was actually from Lazlow Jones.

Whenever Tale of Us is resident in the club, they will have an entourage of two associates; manager Aurelia S. Ortiz and Ignazio behind them in the DJ booth.

DJ Mix (Afterlight)

  • Tale of Us - Overture
  • Tale of Us - 1911
  • Tale of Us - Trevor's Dream
  • Tale of Us - Vinewood Blues
  • Tale of Us - Anywhere
  • Tale of Us - Symphony Of The Night
  • Tale of Us - Another World
  • Tale of Us - The Portal
  • Tale of Us - Solitude
  • Tale of Us - Morgan's Fate
  • Tale of Us - Fisherman's Horizon
  • Tale of Us - Myst
  • Tale of Us - Seeds
  • Tale of Us - Endless Journey
  • Tale of Us - Valkyr
  • Tale of Us - In Hyrule
  • Tale of Us - Disgracelands
  • Tale of Us - Heart Of Darkness



  • Afterlight is actually a parody of Afterlife: ToU’s real-world equivalent of the Los Santos mix, with an identical font and an almost identical logo to Afterlight.