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Gang Tags, or graffiti tags, are a type of collectible item in Grand Theft Auto: San Andreas, found only in Los Santos.


Carl Johnson has to search for a total of 100 gang tags all around Los Santos and spray over them with the Grove Street Families' emblem with a Spray Can. A tag needs at least 29 units of spray can "ammo" to be completely sprayed over. Tags and their basics are first introduced during the mission Tagging Up Turf. Spraying over an enemy tag increases the player's respect and respraying all 100 tags is required for 100% completion.



The reward of spraying all gang tags in Los Santos.

Upon completing all the gang tags, the player will receive certain rewards. These are:



Tags' locations.


Locations by the gang.
Purple = Front Yard Ballas
Yellow = Rollin' Heights Ballas
Dark Blue = Kilo Tray Ballas
Light Green = Temple Drive Ballas
Light Blue = Varrios Los Aztecas
Orange = Los Santos Vagos
Lime Green = Seville Boulevard Families

For more detailed locations and photos of the graffiti, see here.

  • Commerce (2)
  • Downtown (3)
    • At a building, where some dining tables and a Sprunk vending machine can be found, west of skate park.
    • At a skyscraper located south-east of Mulholland Intersection.
    • At a building having base stairs located south-west of Mulholland Intersection.
  • East Beach (8)
    • At a house located south of Colonel Fuhrberger's House.
    • Backside of a house atop the hill and west of Colonel Fuhrberger's House.
    • On the roof of a house of two adjoining houses located near where the highway goes up.
    • At the ground floor of a spiral parking lot located at the fourth exit (from Playa del Seville) of the highway.
    • At the central building of the three apartment buildings located north-west of the spiral parking lot.
    • Backside an old factory located near a mirrored S-shaped road.
    • Backside of a huge Sprunk building located near a staircase footpath over the highway.
    • At the southeastern part of Los Santos Forum, diametrically opposite to the 8-Track race point.
  • East Los Santos (11)
    • At the Lolita's Market located north of a Basketball court.
    • At an alley north of Cluckin' Bell (found in Tagging Up Turf).
    • On the roof of a building south of Cluckin' Bell (found in Tagging Up Turf).
    • At an underground parking lot beneath 4 apartment blocks located near where the railway track divides Jefferson and East Los Santos.
    • Near the Sprunk vending machine, north-east of Jefferson Towers.
    • At a building south of Cluckin' Bell.
    • On a tunnel near the car wash northeast of Cluckin'Bell.
    • Two are located close to each other in an alley south of Big Smoke's Crack Palace.
    • At a large building located south of groups of blue houses.
    • At a staircase south-west of 4 apartment blocks in Los Flores.
  • El Corona (6)
    • At a liquor store located northeast of Unity Station.
    • At a house located just near the staircase passing over the railway.
    • At a building located beside the road directly leading to the entrance of Los Santos International Airport.
    • At a house located northeast of Cesar's House.
    • At a fence located south of Cesar's house.
    • At Nude & XXX Shop located near the airport.
  • Ganton (2)
  • Glen Park (4)
    • At a house connected with an arch located north of the park.
    • Underneath a bridge passing over the pool, and is just near the pool.
    • At an alley located just north of the overpass of the park.
    • At the northeast corner of the skate park.
  • Idlewood (10)
    • At the support of a flyover in front of Big Smoke's House (found in Tagging Up Turf, tagged by Sweet).
    • At a blue house near Big Smoke's House (found in Tagging Up Turf).
    • At an alley behind the row of houses including Big Smoke's House (found in Tagging Up Turf).
    • At a group of housing projects located north of Big Smoke's House.
    • Backside of one of the 3-story buildings located northeast of Alhambra club.
    • At Alhambra club, near its entrance.
    • Near the tunnel in Storm Drain, northeast of Unity Station.
    • At a carwash near the Alhambra club, behind the car wash sign.
    • At a building located just west of The Well Stacked Pizza Co. restaurant.
    • Backside of 24 Hour Motel located east of pizza restaurant.
  • Jefferson (6)
  • Las Colinas (7)
    • At a blue house located northeast of Glen Park, near the road connecting the park overpass.
    • At an alley between an orange house and a blue house located northeast of Glen park.
    • At an orange house located northeast of Carniceria El Pueblo.
    • At a building located near and above the railway tunnel through Red County.
    • At the start of the railway tunnel passing through Red County.
    • At one of the three nearly identical blocks located near the staircase.
    • At a blue building located near the beach highway and north of Colonel Fuhrberger's House.
  • Little Mexico (3)
    • At a huge building located just east of the Atrium.
    • At a huge building located west of Alhambra.
    • At a gray-colored triangular building located south west of Alhambra and slightly near the freeway intersection in Commerce.
  • Los Flores (2)
    • At one of the blue houses located south of an overpass meeting the main road.
    • At a building located northwest of a mirror S-shaped road.
  • Los Santos International Airport (2)
    • At the western entrance of a highway tunnel beneath the airport, on the ledge.
    • At the air traffic control tower located east of the theme building.
  • Marina (2)
    • At a building located at the right side of the entrance of the Verona Beach pier.
    • Backside of a building located at the end of a river between Verona Beach and Santa Maria Beach.
  • Market (4)
  • Mulholland Intersection (2)
    • At a large parking lot underneath the intersection, beside two dumpsters.
    • Underneath the flyover heading from east to south of the intersection.
  • Ocean Docks (5)
    • At a large blue warehouse along the freeway, beside a bridge connecting the docks.
    • At the left support of a long bridge with green supports.
    • At one of the heap of the containers between two of the three warehouses located near a southern-most bridge.
    • At the southern-most end of the Storm Drain leading to the water.
    • Outside of a chemical factory located south of Playa del Seville.
  • Pershing Square(1)
  • Playa del Seville (5)
    • Near some structures that block the beach, at a wall north of them.
    • At the left group of the two groups of blue houses located south of Los Santos Forum.
    • Near one of the entrances of the right group of houses.
    • Near a Basketball court located south of the groups of blue houses.
    • Near the entrance of some electric generators located west of the houses.
  • Rodeo (2)
  • Santa Maria Beach (2)
  • Temple (1)
  • Verdant Bluffs (1)
  • Verona Beach (2)
  • Vinewood (1)
  • Willowfield (6)
    • At an L-shaped building near the railway tracks leading to Unity Station.
    • At one of the three identical houses located northeast of the airport.
    • Just south of the railway siding, near a tunnel in the storm drain.
    • At the Sushi Man shop west of Cluckin' Bell.
    • At the left side of Cluckin' Bell.
    • At a maroon building with "98 cent" located west of Willowfield Safehouse.

Interactive Map[]



  • If the police spot Carl spraying a tag, a wanted level will be applied, which should be noted with tags located in high-traffic areas. This is because the spray can is counted as a weapon, and "firing" a weapon will grant CJ a wanted star when caught spraying, though a "real-world" perspective can also be applied in that spraying graffiti is generally considered an illegal act by itself as vandalism.
  • A tag is not considered sprayed until the on-screen message appears and confirmation sound is played, which can be triggered without the tag being completely covered and so can still be locked on.
  • Spraying over any tags that will be used in the mission Tagging Up Turf before the mission will result in the tag being reset and requires respraying every tag in that mission again.
  • Before Carl unlocks the spray can item in the Johnson House, he can find one on the rooftop of the shop directly behind the house, which can be obtained by jumping onto the low wall in the alley between the Johnson House and Ryder's House.
  • The Varrios Los Aztecas gang tag is orange (like the Vagos), however, their gang color is turquoise in the beta.
  • From the start of the game up until Sweet's arrest in The Green Sabre, the Temple area is territory of the Temple Drive Families. It is only after that mission that Temple gets occupied by the Ballas, so it must have been a mistake as to why 'Temple Drive Ballas' tags are present right at the beginning.
  • Spraying all the tags won't reward the player a lot of respect, despite the game telling that spraying a tag will gain CJ respect in the mission Tagging Up Turf.
  • Some of the well hidden, out-of-sight locations of the gang tags make no sense from a realism point of view. Gang tags are supposed to warn rival gangs, unwitting pedestrians and cops of the gang's presence; as a means of 'marking one's territory'. They do however, make some sense as a gameplay element to denote a 'hidden' collectible and a secondary challenge.
  • Tags are the only collectibles in the game that are 100 in number, whereas all other collectibles are only 50.
  • Permanent textures of gang markings, usually done in black paint, can be found all over Los Santos. The player cannot manipulate these in any way.
  • In the second official trailer for the game, a Kilo Tray Ballas tag is shown in a bright red colour instead of purple.



GTA San Andreas - Tags

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