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We gotta go hit up the hood. Let 'em know you're back on the set. The Johnson brothers are rolling again.
Sweet Johnson

Tagging Up Turf is a mission in Grand Theft Auto: San Andreas given to protagonist Carl Johnson by his brother and Grove Street Families leader Sweet from his house in Grove Street, Ganton, Los Santos.


Carl arrives at Sweet's house, where Sweet and Big Smoke are playing basketball. Sweet questions if Carl is really back for good. Sweet hands Carl a can of spray paint and tells him to go spray over enemy tags. Carl leaves as Sweet and Big Smoke resume their game.

Sweet suddenly decides to go with Carl and the two drive over to Idlewood. Sweet shows Carl how to tag over an enemy gang tag and tells Carl to go spray over two more tags in nearby while he keeps the car running. Carl sprays over the two tags nearby and then gets back into Sweet's car. The Johnson Brothers drive over to East Los Santos, which is Ballas territory. They arrive there and Sweet tells Carl to go spray over some more tags. Carl is left alone and encounters two Ballas in an alleyway right near a tag, who act hostile towards Carl after they see him spray over their tag. Carl escapes them and jumps a fence into another nearby alleyway. Carl climbs onto a small building, where he sprays over one final tag.

Afterwards, Sweet rushes back and tells Carl to quickly get in. Carl runs over to Sweet and they drive back to Grove Street. Carl and Sweet reach Sweet's house, to which Sweet gives Carl some money before splitting up.


One in-game day later after finishing this mission, a couple of things occur:

  • B Dup, an old member and friend of the Grove Street Families decides to go on the radio of WCTR News to talk about what he thinks about drugs, stating that, "There ain't enough drugs in the hood, and that's the real problem for people."
  • The murder of Officer Ralph Pendelbury has police who have just discovered his body searching for clues on who murdered him in the first place. As he worked for Internal Affairs, he had almost uncovered a huge corruption ring in the LSPD (mainly the detectives Frank Tenpenny and Eddie Pulaski, who have created the police group C.R.A.S.H. and become corrupted with power), but a police spokesman denied this claim, despite it being true.
  • CJ receives a phone call shortly after this mission from Officer Hernandez, the C.R.A.S.H member who works with Officer Tenpenny and Pulaski. He warns CJ that leaving town would be a "big mistake", and that they are watching him, which would likely explain the reason as to why CJ earns wanted levels when entering areas that are yet to be unlocked.

Mission Objectives

In order to complete the mission the player must:

  • Get in Sweet's car.
  • Drive with Sweet to Idlewood.
  • Spray over the remaining tags in this area.
  • Get back in Sweet's car!
  • Drive to East Los Santos.
  • Find and spray over the tags.
  • Go to the blip to find the next target.
  • Get back in Sweet's car!
  • Go back to Sweet's house.


The rewards for this mission are $200 and an increase in respect. The mission Cleaning the Hood is unlocked. A Spray Can now spawns in the bedroom inside the Johnson House.


Sweet Johnson and Big Smoke are playing Basketball in the courtyard beside Sweet's House.
Sweet: Come on fat boy, come on fat boy! Fat boy - look at you, look at...
Big Smoke: Yeah, yeah, watch out, fool... watch this, watch this...
Carl Johnson enters the courtyard just as Big Smoke scores a slam dunk.
Big Smoke: Ha ha ha, bam!
Sweet: Looks who's here, it's the running man. What, you think you're back on the set?
CJ: I told you that, bro.
Sweet: Your word don't mean shit around here.
CJ: Come on, man, give me a break.
Sweet: We gotta go hit up the hood.
Big Smoke: Hey CJ.
Sweet: Let 'em know you're back on the set. The Johnson brothers are rolling again.
Sweet pulls out a Spray Can and gives it to Carl.
Sweet: Take this paint, and go hit shit up. Start with our own set first.
Big Smoke: Later on, we spread out and take the whole hood back.
Sweet: You're already spreading out, fat man. Now let's play. Let's see what you got, porkchop!
Some time later, CJ and Sweet leave the courtyard and head to Sweet's Greenwood.
Sweet: Hey, wait up!
CJ: Ah, thought you'd hang with your brother, huh?
Sweet: What? Ease up, little man. Come on, it's been difficult. You wanna drive?
CJ: Yeah, for sure.
CJ and Sweet drive to Idlewood. Sweet gets out of the car and approaches a Ballas tag.
Sweet: Watch for those rollers as I tag this up.
Sweet sprays over the Ballas tag with his own.
Sweet: There's another two Balla tags in the hood. You go get 'em and I'll keep the engine running.
CJ proceeds to run around Idlewood searching for the last 2 Ballas tags and sprays over them, then heads back to Sweet's car.
Sweet: C'mon, let's cruise into Ballas territory.
CJ and Sweet drive to East Los Santos to spray some more tags.
Sweet: You hit this up here, and I'll go up and do another hood.
CJ leaves the car as Sweet drives away. CJ starts spraying more tags. As he moves around the corner, next to Cluckin' Bell are two Ballas talking to each other.
Ballas Member: What the fuck?! Get that fool!
CJ kills the two Balla members, sprays the tags, and moves on. CJ comes across the last tag on the roof of a building and sprays it as Sweet pulls up around the corner.
Sweet: Carl, quick, get in!
CJ heads back to Sweet's car and gets in.
Sweet: Get us back to the hood, CJ!
CJ and Sweet return to Grove Street.
Sweet: Like riding a bike, ain't it, boy?
CJ: Yeah, it all comes back.
Sweet: How you doin' on the feddy?
CJ: I'm kind of short, you know. C.R.A.S.H. took all my paper, man, left me with nothing but small change.
Sweet: Here, get yourself a beer or something. I'll catch up with you.


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  • When Sweet drops Carl off at East Los Santos and drives away in his Greenwood to "roll on another hood", after Carl gets out of the car, Sweet will not move over to the driver's seat despite the car driving off.
  • If the player has already sprayed over the tags before the mission, they will be cleared and the tag counter will be reset until sprayed over again.
  • Sweet will not spray over any more tags during this mission, despite driving off to "spray over other tags around the area". The only tags sprayed will be the six during this mission (the five tagged by Carl and the demo tag by Sweet).
  • The Spray Can has very large ammo capacity during this mission. Thus, it's a good idea to use it for immediately spraying every tag in Los Santos.
    • If the player wastes all of the Spray Can's ammo, the mission will not fail, but they'll have to find another Spray Can to complete the objectives.
  • If Carl is morbidly obese with low muscle at the start of this mission, the player will have to find an alternate route to the rooftop to spray one of the tags as he will be unable to jump the second fence.
  • After being dropped off in East Los Santos, if the player goes back to Grove Street before spraying over the last three tags, Sweet's car can be found parked on the street, with Sweet sitting in the passenger seat. If the player destroys Sweet's car at this point, the mission will still fail.
  • If the player replaces the spray can with another weapon, the mission will fail and Sweet will get out of the car and will walk like a normal pedestrian. He will also attack the player with his spray can if Carl attacks him in any way.