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Taco Bomb is a chain of Americanized-Mexican fast food restaurants that has fed students, poor people and drunk drunks since 1970.
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Taco Bomb is a fast food chain that appears in Los Santos in Grand Theft Auto V and Grand Theft Auto Online. The player can buy stocks of the company in the website in Grand Theft Auto V.


Its main stock competitor is Cluckin' Bell, while its other competitors are Burger Shot, Up-n-Atom Burger and Pizza This. Its in-game webpage is

Its name is most likely a parody of Taco Bell or Taco John's, two real-life fast food chains. Taco Bomb restaurants are not enterable by the player, much like with all the other fast food restaurants in the game.

Trevor can buy a hat with the Taco Bomb logo on it. Interestingly, the logo itself is covered with duct tape.


  • There's also a location at Terminal 1 of LS International (as seen on an advertisement).

Website[] is the official website of the fast-food chain. The website features various menu items, as well as an interactive section called "Learn Spanish With Paco the Taco!", in which it lists some Spanish phrases alongside their English translations. However, the translations are incorrect and humorously obscene in nature.

Learn Spanish with Paco The Taco![]

Spanish Website Translation Actual Translation
Mi taco tiene pinta de vagina podrida My taco looks so tasty! My taco looks like a rotten vagina
Mi colon está a punto de explotar Where are the toilets? My colon is about to explode
Necesito una cesárea de emergencia This burrito is so filling! I need an emergency caesarean
Mi perro come mejor This is such a treat! My dog eats better
Los nachos huelen a vómito de elefante The nachos smell delicious! The nachos smell like elephant's vomit
Me duele el brazo derecho What a nutritious meal! My right arm is hurting
Mi perineo se está derritiendo I feel so revived! My perineum is melting



  • The name may refer to "explosive" diarrhea.
    • "Bomb" is also a slang term for something that is really good.



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